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My Savvy Review of the Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier @TenergyOfficial @SMGurusNetwork

My Savvy Review of the Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier @TenergyOfficial @SMGurusNetwork

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I am super excited to share the Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier with everyone that I know as it is a really cool product that works beautifully at helping to keep my bathroom free of excess moisture, especially after showers and hot baths. We live in an older home and the bathroom does not have a fan built in to the ceiling to help with this problem so the Sorbi Mini is the perfect solution to help with this issue until we are able to get our remodel on.

The Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier is the perfect unit for small rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, Rv’s and even boats. 

Tenergy’s Sorbi Mini helps to remove excess moisture in the room which helps to improve air quality while reducing any musty odors you may have experienced.  It really helps to make my bathroom much more comfortable, especially after taking a shower.

The Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier is powered by an advanced thermoelectric cooling technology which means that this electric dehumidifier is super quiet during operation. This unit is perfect for silently extracting water from the air in my bathroom or in any small room that I may use it in as it is portable and easy to move around as needed.

I also love that the Sorbi Mini is safe and easy to use. The unit has a built in automatic shut off protection that prevents flooding or water overflow which is super important to me and the compact unit turns itself off when the water tank is full. I also like that the LED light on the top of the unit that is normally a green color….will change to red when the water tank is full and to show that the machine has stopped running. Also…Disposing and cleaning the water tank is quick and simple thanks to the removable lid.

So what do you think of the Tenergy Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier? Are you loving all of the features just like I am? Do you have a space in your home that could use a dehumidifier? Make sure to check out all of Tenergy’s Air Purifiers and visit them on social media too!


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  • Molli Taylor

    it has been suggested that we use a dehumidifier but i have been confused about how it could help. i understand now that this could be useful and this one looks great!

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