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My Savvy Review Of The Rachael Ray NITRO Cast Iron 9 x 13 Inch Roasting Pan!

There is truly nothing that I love more than cooking and baking delicious meals and goodies for my family. It’s something that I have loved doing since I was about 13 when I would whip together dinner for my hardworking single mother before she came home after a hard days work. I would experiment with a recipe in her cookbook if we had all of the ingredients and it was always a fun time and the end result was a delicious meal that we all appreciated. Well…. the same holds true today as I always love to try new-to-me recipes with a healthier, cleaner twist and making sure that I have the proper cookware is a must. Once thing that I love to cook with is Cast Iron. I love cooking with a good cast iron pan as it simply provides delicious results no matter you cook in it; so when I had the chance to check out Rachael Ray’s NITRO Cast Iron 9 x 13 Inch Roasting Pan… I jumped! I love Rachael Ray and have been a fan for like ever so this was just the perfect fit for me and I cannot wait to share what I am loving about this pan and why you need one. Let’s take a look ……

With the Rachael Ray NITRO Cast Iron Roasting Pan you can meet your new kitchen hero! This piece is fabulous and you get an incredible cast iron roasting pan that provides the performance of cast iron but all while being super easy to maintain. Rachael Ray designed this piece perfectly so that it delivers the classic durability that you expect in addition to the amazing  performance that cast iron provides without the hassle that cast iron can normally be when it comes to cleaning and seasoning it prior to use.

The Rachael Ray NITRO Cast Iron Roasting Pan is the perfect addition that every kitchen needs. The 9-inch x 13-inch size makes this pan ideal for use as a lasagna pan, casserole pan, or a roaster.

This pan is the next-generation of cast iron cookware with its nitro heat treatment that seals and smooths the pans cast iron surface to create an amazing, easy-to-use, plus easy-to-clean cast iron that’s fortified to resist rust, chipping, and staining. It does all of this all while still holding the brilliant colors that Rachael Ray created for this pan so that it complements any kitchen style.

I love, love, love that this roasting pan is oven safe to a ripping 500°F PLUS it’s induction capable and can be used on the stove top too. I use it for searing and sautéing on the stove top and I also use it as a roaster or casserole in the oven making this thing fabulous as it is so versatile.

The best part is that the NITRO Cast Iron Roasting Pan is made to last a lifetime PLUS to also look great for a lifetime, too! I absolutely love that this durable cast iron roasting pan is pre-seasoned and ready to deliver out of the box. That is huge when it comes to cast iron as the seasoning process can be a pain but not with this NITRO Cast Iron Roasting Pan from Rachael Ray. With this beautiful pan I can see why cast iron is one of Rachael’s favorite ways to make meals even more delicious. With this pan you will never cook the same again!

What You Get In The Box…..

*The new Premium RUST-RESISTANT Cast Iron 9-inch x 13-inch lasagna baker and roasting pan from Rachael Ray. Easy to use, easy to clean, and it comes pre-seasoned and ready to roll for all of your favorite recipes.

*PERFORMANCE & DESIGN: Nitro heat treatment combines the performance of a pre-seasoned cast iron roasting pan with the gorgeous color of enameled cast iron.

*EASY TO MAINTAIN: Nitro technology seals and smooths for a more rust-resistant cast iron roasting pan that’s easy to maintain. No need to pre-season.

*WASH IT, SCRUB IT, CRANK IT UP: Discover why the nitro heat technology makes for incredibly easy-to-use cast iron and great looking, long lasting performance.

*STOVE TO OVEN TO TABLE: Cast iron roasting pan is ideal for use as a casserole pan, lasagna pan, or braising pan and delivers versatility up to 500°F for smart, simple, stylish presentations.

So what do you think of the Rachael Ray NITRO Cast Iron 9 x 13 Inch Roasting Pan?! Is this not the perfect pan for pretty much anything you need to cook?! I am making a delicious Prime Rib for Christmas and will be using this fabulous roaster! I will get pictures and update too! This beautiful pan is available in a beautiful Red color and an Agave Blue color which I chose. Get yours today and begin enjoying the nitro heat technology that Rachael Ray added into this must have roaster for all of your cooking needs!

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