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My Savvy Review Of The John Boos & Co Maple Square Cutting Board With Juice Groove

As a foodie, I am always looking for the latest and greatest in culinary tools for my kitchen as I love finding new pieces that can help me to create the many delicious meals that I make for my family every day. This includes everything for the kitchen including cookware, small appliances, dishware, utensils, cutlery, culinary gadgets and my favorite…. John Boos & Co cutting boards. I say John Boos cutting boards because for me they are hands down the best cutting boards on the market and I love using them for my chopping and cutting needs. Not only do John Boos cutting boards look stunning in your kitchen but they’re super functional and they’re perfect surface for using my knife collection on when cutting and chopping. I recently had the chance to check out the John Boos & Co Maple Square Cutting Board with Juice Groove for my kitchen and I love it! Let’s take a look at the reasons I am loving this handy and perfectly sized John Boos Cutting Board but first let me tell you a bit about why I love John Boos & Co.

I am a huge fan of John Boos and have been for years and years. The first reason is quite simple… they are made right here in the good old USA in Effingham, IL since 1887! In fact….John Boos & Co., based in Effingham, IL is one of the oldest manufacturers of premium quality foodservice equipment and butcher blocks in the U.S.A!  Boos has been in business continuously since 1887 and it was all started with Conrad Boos. It was in his Effingham, IL blacksmith shop that founder, Conrad Boos first invented what would become the original Boos Block®. Having harvested sycamore from local wooded areas, and processed it in his sawmill, Conrad brought it to his blacksmith shop for finishing. That first block of sycamore slab placed on three legs evolved with sheer purpose of a block to absorb the shock of this smith’s hammer against the anvil. It was the local butcher, who having seen and admired Conrad’s block, became impassioned about owning a block for his meat market. Unknowingly, Conrad’s son, John, who having made and sold that first block to the local butcher, took John Boos & Co. into the infancy of the 125 year reign of serving customers in the commercial market sector.

Check out this video about the craftsmanship and integrity that goes into every single John Boos & Co Product & the reason I’m obsessed with them:

John Boos & Co. is pretty awesome right!? I find their craftsmanship spectacular and stand behind this brand with every fiber of my being. Yes….I am a bit obsessed with them and their beautifully crafted products and that is why I jumped at the chance to review their John Boos & Co Maple Square Cutting Board! I chose the 15 x 15 x 1-3/4″ size and it is the perfect board to keep on hand right next to my stove. It’s ideal for prepping and chopping veggies and more when whipping together dinner on a weeknight and it’s also perfect for resting my perfectly cooked meats on too due to the handy juice groove built into one side of this reversible board!

The John Boos & Co Maple Square Cutting Board with Juice Groove is handcrafted from Northern Hard Rock Maple with a reversible design that offers a juice groove on one side to prevent liquids from spilling onto your countertop surface. The other side is flat and perfect for all of your chopping needs.

I love that this Square Maple Cutting Board from John Boos is 1-3/4″ thick as it provides a sturdy surface that can withstand constant cutting, chopping and slicing.

The Edge Grain Construction used in this board is stunningly beautiful and I love that it’s made out of Renewable Sustainable Hardwoods right here in the USA! John Boos & Co also finishes this piece with a beautiful oil finish.

I love the reversible design of this board with the built in recessed finger grips on each side too. They make carrying the board a breeze, even with food on top.

I love that you can use this Maple Square Cutting Board from John Boos & Co for serving too. You can serve a delicious roast on top and use the recessed finger grips to carry it from the kitchen to the table.

I love the versatility of this board too. You can not only use this beauty for preparing and serving your meals but you can also the Maple Square Cutting Board from John Boos & Co as a charcuterie board for gatherings and special occasions too. I actually used this board for just that and it was perfection. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was and I love the amazing versatility that this board provides. I can prep with it and serve with it!

The John Boos & Co Maple Square Cutting Board with Juice Groove is available in two size options so there is the perfect size to fit you cutting board needs.


*Thickness: 1-3/4″

*Northern Hard Rock Maple

*Edge Grain Construction

*Juice Groove (One Side)

*Reversible With Recessed Finger Grips

*Oil Finish

*Renewable Sustainable Hardwoods

*Made In USA

Now let’s discuss how to care for your John Boos & Co. Boos Block so that it will last for years and years to come……

John Boos & Co. Board Maintenance

Caring for your John Boos & Co. Boos Block is super easy to do as you can simply hand wash and dry the board as needed. You will also want to apply Boos Block Mystery Oil regularly (more often in dry climates and especially when the board is new), and I can say I probably use the Boos Block Mystery Oil once a month or whenever the wood is looking a bit dry. I also highly recommend using the Boos Block Board Cream to seal the wood surface after applying the Boos Block Mystery Oil. The blend of mineral oil and beeswax will keep the moisture in the wood and bacteria out. The oil penetrates deep in the wood and the beeswax leaves a silky, protective barrier. You can find everything that you will need to properly care for your John Boos & Co. Boos Block or chopping block in the John Boos Block Cutting Board Care & Maintenance Set. This is worth the investment as it will ensure your boards are cared for and with proper care they will seriously last a lifetime.

So what do you think of the John Boos & Co Maple Square Cutting Board with Juice Groove?! Is it not the perfect size board for all of your cutting, slicing and chopping needs?! You can cut up veggies, nuts, meats and more on this amazing piece and the versatility that it provides makes it a must have for any kitchen and the perfect gift for anyone on your gift giving list! Think the Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, or anytime that you need a gift for someone special on your gift giving list! Your recipient will cherish a John Boos & Co. cutting board for sure and this Maple Square Cutting Board is available in two sizes also…. so there is the perfect fit for all! Check out John Boos & Co online and on social media today!


Since 1887, John Boos & Co. has been handcrafting the finest butcher blocks, cutting boards, and countertops in the USA. Their craftsmen love and know wood and are experts in handcrafting American Hardwoods into top quality products of beauty, durability and function.

Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review post and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!