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My Savvy Review Of SpunkyJunky Pet Feeding Bowls

If you visit Deliciously savvy often then you know I love my fur babies and I love trying out new and cool products for them whenever I have the chance. My cat Shadow recently had a lifestyle change due to his having diabetes which I am pretty sure is my fault due to over feeding him, not even realizing that I was all along. Long story short….. he is doing great right now on his new diet and medication so I wanted to jazz up his little eating space by finding a new set of feeding bowls for him to use for his morning and evening meals. I stumbled upon SpunkyJunky and absolutely fell in love with their beautiful array of pet feeding bowls and knew that I had to get him one plus a few for my pooches too. The hardest part was choosing which bowl set to get him as SpunkyJunky has the coolest colors to choose from and I absolutely love their pet feeding bowl designs. Let’s take a look at a few of their bowls and why my pets, including my cat Shadow, are absolutely loving them.

SpunkyJunky Ceramic Sky Blue Double Dog/Cat Bowl Set

This is the SpunkyJunky feeder that I use for my cat Shadow but you will see him throughout the other pictures trying to cozy up to any bowl he can LOL. He is a grazer or a former grazer that is now on a strict diet so he tries. Now the SpunkyJunky Ceramic Sky Blue Double Cat Bowl Set is the perfect set for Shadow as they are then perfect size… holding up to 1.7 cups of food in each bowl. IT is a great size for cats as compared to the other models you will see throughout which are much larger.

I love that SpunkyJunky uses the newest ceramic dog bowls that are made of a food-grade ceramic and the stand that constructed of all natural bamboo wood which is lead and cadmium free. The ceramic is high temperature, non-toxic, odorless, durable and perfect for serving your pets bowls of food for years and years to come and I love the bamboo food stand as it keeps the bowls in their place and gives just enough lift to make eating easy on Shadow. It also helps to prevent food and water spillage which I appreciate too and the non-slip bowl is easy to lift and put back down whenever needed. I absolutely love this cat feeding bowl set as it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic for my little guy plus I can pop it into the dishwasher as needed and even the microwave and oven. The glazing effect of the Sky Blue coloring is really pretty too and no 2 bowls are alike.. they are each works of art in their own right and you will love them as much as Shadow and I do.

SpunkyJunky Ceramic Dog Bowl With Wood Stand

The SpunkyJunky Ceramic Dog Bowl with Wood Stand is the perfect set for my little Chewey the Chihuahua. He is so tiny no matter the size, the bowl looks ridiculously big but I have to say Chewey loves this bowl set and was so excited to have a new set of his very own to enjoy.

Just as the one above for my cat Shadow, the SpunkyJunky Ceramic Dog Bowl Set with Wood Stand is beautifully crafted. This one is a 3.6 cup size per bowl so to is much larger than the one above for Shadow and it too is made with Food-Grade ceramic made to be safe for your furry family members. I love the design too of the awesome bowls with the wood stand as the stand raises the food a bit to make it easier on you pets eating and digesting all while protecting your pets cervical spine. That stand also keeps those bowls in place which means less mess and the non slip base on the bottom of the bowls is everything as it makes it easy to lift and set back down as well. You have both bowls… one for their food and the other for their water and all at the perfect height to ensure your pets health and wellness too. Chewey is absolutely loving eating with these bowls each day and your pet will too.

SpunkyJunky 15° Slanted Ceramic Dog Bowl Set With Stand

Last but not least are SpunkyJunky’s Ergonomic 15 Degree Slanted Design Ceramic Pet Bowl Sets which I picked up for my little Harley. She needed something like this badly so I knew this was perfection for her. The slanted design of this bowl makes the food gather on the bottom and helps to get the food to your pet at this angle… especially select breeds like French Bulldogs, Persian Cats or other breeds that have short, stout noses as eating from a tilted bowl will help reduce neck and throat strain for them.

I also love that this SpunkyJunky Pet Feeding bowl is made with eco-friendly materials as are all of their pet bowls. They are made with safe food-grade ceramic which is free of Lead and Cadmium plus fired at a high temperature. Add to that the natural wood bamboo stand that keeps the bowls in their place plus that provides your pet with a healthy feeding environment is everything. I can tilt this bolt set and also untilt it if need be so I like having both options as well. I also have to mention that the pet food bowl is weighted too which helps to keep their bowl positioned when eating and this set is perfect for medium and large size breeds.

So what do you think of these wonderful pet feeding bowl set from SpunkyJunky!? Are you loving them as much as I am?! My pets are that is for sure and they love using their new bowls and I absolutely love how nice they look an dhow well that do at feeing my pets without lots of mess. My pets eat better too with the raised design of the bowls and their wooden stands plus so much more! Check out SpunkyJunky today and browse all of their wonderful items. I am looking at that cat bed next….. I know Shadow would love it! Check out SpunkyJunky online and on social media today!


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  • Sue E

    I love this bowl set! Our fur babies deserve to eat In style too! The wooden stands are a special bonus! I’m going to try and pin this. My Pinterest is acting up. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Kristine Paull

    What wonderful bowls. I really like the 15° Tilted Ceramic Pet Bowl Set for my fur baby. Oh and the Stary Night bowl is beautiful