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MARVELOUS SUIT for your significant other in a few steps. Find out how!

Realized you want to delight your partner with a custom-made suit but not sure what you need to pay attention to? No worries, there is a solution to your problem. Below you’ll find tips and tricks which can help you to find the perfect fit without too much trouble.

After deciding what type of suit you want to tailor for your partner there are three more things you should have in mind: tailormeasures, and accessories.

Without a brilliant tailor, you cannot make your idea real. In case you don’t have the right measures there is no way you can have a suit that perfectly fits you. And don’t forget about the right accessories, that can help achieve a truly luxurious and elegant look.

Decide what type of suit you’re looking for

Slim Fit, Classic Fit, Modern Fit, Single Breasted, Double Breasted, and many, many others are available these days on a market. But as you know no model will perfectly fit everybody. Small details can make a big difference so determine what type of suit you’re looking for.

Do you want to give him a suit he can wear to formal, elegant events? Or you’re looking for a suit he can wear every day in the office? Also, is it predicted for summer or winter? According to those answers you can choose a proper model of the suit.

One more extremely important thing is FABRIC. Fabrics can make a big difference, they can make suits look cheap and old-fashioned easily. But also, with the right fabric suit can look CHIC and EXPENSIVE, without spending a fortune.

If you’re not sure which fabric will be the best for the suit you want to tailor, you can find a lot of guides on how to choose the right fabric on the Internet.

Find a reliable tailor

A good tailor is EVERYTHING. Honestly, without a good tailor all your efforts can go down the drain, so try to find a qualified tailor with experience.

It’s important to give a tailor precise info on the type of suit you want. Give him as much info as possible and additionally show him some photos. Be specific with details and unusual requests. A good tailor can give you more ideas and practical advice and that way improve your initial idea. And if you are located in the UAE, these bespoke tailors in Dubai can make every wish come true!

If a new suit is not a surprise gift for your lucky guy, you can save a lot of time by ordering a tailor’s visit to your address. You can schedule an appointment with a tailor and he can come with his equipment to your address at the scheduled time. Pretty convenient, right? 

Measures, measures, measures

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the right measures. Even the best tailor, with the most expensive fabrics, cannot make a decent suit if it doesn’t match the size of the person. That’s impossible. 

If you already know the measures of your partner – that’s great, but if you don’t, don’t panic, we have a solution for that as well. You can take to the tailored suit your partner already has and the tailor can sew the new one following the measures the existing suit has.

In case a new suit is not a surprise and you want to be accurate while taking measures but you don’t know how you can find multiple guides on the internet for how to measure for a suit.

Match accessories with the suit

The cherry on the top is finding the perfect accessories which will go with the suit. As jewelry can make a big difference in women’s outfits, the same thing is doing men’s accessories.

A tie is probably the most important accessory for suits. With the right tie, you can achieve an extraordinary and unique outfit that will not go unnoticed. You can experiment with different types. Choose a Solid Tie if you want the most simple and basic option, but if you’re opened for a little less basic outfits you can add Polka Dot, Geometric Pattern, or Floral ties, it’s up to you.

Don’t forget about buttons. Nothing can underline man’s style and personality as unique buttons. They can make even the most boring suit fashionable and special. Special accent on buttons is in the case of double-breasted suits. On those suits, buttons should be one of the very first things you pick.

Also, you can pay attention to cuffs, pocket squares, lapel flowers, and many other details which will make every suit memorable and unique.

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    These are great tips. I wouldn’t know where to begin because my guy never wears a suit.. ever.

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