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Labradors: Facts and Figures

Labradors are an incredibly common and popular breed of dog, and they have many great characteristics that make them a perfect addition to the family. Labradors are used for a huge range of services, including companionship, disability assistance, and even working in law enforcement. Here are just a few basic facts and figures about Labradors.


Labradors are known to eat a wide variety of food and at an incredibly fast rate. This could be due to a range of factors, including to presence of a particular gene that stops them from feeling full. This inability to stop eating can make them prone to problems like obesity, so it is vital to keep an eye on how much your Labrador is consuming. You should feed them dog food that has high-quality ingredients and is full of the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Furthermore, understanding what breed-specific dog food you need to buy can help to manage the speed and amount they eat, as kidney-shaped kibble may help slow down the pace at which your Labrador is eating.


Labradors are the most popular dog in America due to their brilliant personalities. They are generally smart, athletic, and family-friendly as well as being playful and easygoing. Labradors also make great service dogs because they are large and strong, as well as being well-behaved and attentive. Labradors are a popular choice for service dogs, such as guide dogs, assistance dogs, and working within law enforcement and the armed forces. Labradors are generally very friendly and good with strangers, so do not make very good guard dogs. 

Coats and build

Originally, Labradors had black coats, and were then bred to be yellow and chocolate, and all of the shades in between, which can sometimes give them the appearance of being red or white. Their coats are thick, and water repellent, shed frequently, and Labradors can also be long or short haired. They were originally bred as a retriever gundog, to help retrieve game. They can have a very soft feel to their mouths, so as not to destroy the game, and also strong webbed feet which helps them retrieve from different terrain, including water. 


As previously mentioned, the amount that Labradors eat can leave them prone to obesity, or the constant appetite can be a symptom of an underlying health disorder. Furthermore, it can be dangerous for them to eat very quickly, and they can also consume things that are very bad for them. Labradors also commonly suffer from joint problems, such as hip dysplasia or arthritis, which can be due to the fact that their bones and joints have to support a lot of weight, as Labradors tend to be stockier dogs. However, Labradors are generally much easier to care for than other high maintenance breeds. You should regularly visit your vet for check-ups, and whenever you have any concerns, as they are the best people to stop any issues or problems in your Labrador.

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