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Is A Gaming Chair Really Necessary?

Gaming accessories have the potential to completely change your gaming experience. We’re not saying that it will definitely improve your gameplay (we’ll leave that to people like yesgamer!), but there is certainly a positive correlation between comfort and playing better. One of the least understood gaming accessories is the gaming chair. We’ll take a look at whether it is a necessary purchase, and what to look for when buying one. You can find amazing, comfortable and relaxing Gaming chairs here at Ergo Tune.

First Consider How Much Time You Plan To Spend Gaming

Consider how much time you actually spend gaming. If you’re an aspiring professional gamer, or even if you are using streaming to get Twitch followers and earn through ad-revenue alone – you’re probably going to spend a major part of your day gaming. Of course, if your back is cramped and your arms feel heavy, that would take away from your concentration on the game you’re playing. 

Keep in mind that sitting for prolonged periods in a chair that is uncomfortable can have serious implications such as causing a herniated (slipped) disc, among other health issues. Again, these negative consequences result from sitting in a bad chair for a significant part of your day, everyday. However, if you’re only an occasional player, this may be an unnecessary expense for you. Occasional gamers can get away with playing from their couch, a bed, or anywhere they feel like playing.

What Exactly Is a Gaming Chair?

Most people assume that an office chair can be used in lieu of a professional gaming chair. That may be the case for casual gaming, but a proper gaming chair is one that is designed specifically for gamers, with many design features taking this into account. There are three types of gaming chairs: 

*PC gaming chairs look similar to an office chair, but add a higher headrest and increased lumbar support. Many models also offer adjustable armrests so that your arms don’t get tired as you hold a controller for a long time. 

*Platform gaming chairs take into account that gamers using a console will likely place the console on the floor near a large screen. Therefore, these chairs sit lower, resembling a recliner chair. This position makes gaming on consoles more efficient because it levels the gamer’s position with the screen. 

*Racing simulator seats are best for playing games where you drive a car, because they include a method to attach them to a steering wheel and pedals. These are also shaped like the seat of a race car. 

*Hybrid gaming chairs are a combination of both aforementioned types, whereby they look like a platform chair but have a swivel bottom just like a PC gaming chair.

Naturally, you should choose the type of gaming chair that is best suited for the type of gaming you prefer. If you enjoy gaming on multiple platforms, then a hybrid chair is your best option. 

Features To Look For In A Gaming Chair

When you’ve finally come around and decide that a gaming chair is a good investment for you, the endless options may have you overwhelmed. These are a features to keep an eye out for: 

*The chair should be ergonomically designed – which basically means it will reduce the pain of sitting for a long time.

*Look for lumbar support to protect your lower back from developing a herniated disc.

*A highly adjustable chair is preferable because everyone’s body has different dimensions and no standard chair can compare to one that is adjusted to your preferences and measurements.

*Without an armrest, you will still get tired of gaming after a while. Armrests should preferably be adjustable and have some type of wrist support. 

Now that you know everything about gaming chairs, you can decide whether they are a good choice for you and which type you should get 

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