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Introduce Your Kids To Toys That Allow Them To Learn Through Play with the Tenergy 2 in 1 STEM Robotic Kit @SMGurusNetwork @TenergyOfficial

Introduce Your Kids To Toys That Allow Them To Learn Through Play with the Tenergy 2 in 1 STEM Robotic Kit @SMGurusNetwork @TenergyOfficial

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With Easter around the corner I have been on the hunt for some cool Easter gift options other than just candy for my kids. One thing that I have been wanting to get for them are STEM building kits as they provide unlimited amounts of fun and the kids do not even realize that while they are having fun they are also learning! This is the reason I am loving the Tenergy 2 in 1 STEM Robotic Kit as this amazing Robotic Kit provides hours upon hours of play time that will introduce your kids to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Learning. 

The Tenergy 2 in 1 STEM Robotic Kit is a 2 in 1 robot toy DIY vehicle kit that teaches beginners (age 8+) about graphical programming, electronics and mechanics through robotics building and educational app based programs on bluetooth enabled mobile/tablet devices. They can build Tomo as a tricycle or a dicycle.

The Tomo Tricycle is an intelligent three-wheeled vehicle that can track lines, avoid obstacles, race and more. And the Tomo Dicycle is a smart self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle that can roam around and avoid obstacles. This is really cool and man… why did they not have toys like this when I was little? I am loving these and will have as much fun as the kiddos.

I love that this Robotic Kit provides 2 cool options to keep the kids busy building, playing and learning. There are 2 free apps that are available for young learners to interact and play with Tomo. The ODEV Explorer is an easy-to-use app with options to control and play with Tomo which is really cool and I love that you can also share  finished programs with other players in the cloud storage. The ODEV Blockly is an app based on Blockly and allows beginners to learn graphical programming which is really fun and educational all at the same time.

The Tenergy 2 in 1 STEM Robotic Kit is perfect for beginners ages 8+. All parts are clearly labeled and the ports are color-coded and come with clear and detailed instructions for assembling. This is the perfect project robot kit for kids and I love that with the exception of programmable learning functions, the robot can be transformed into super tanks, extraordinary mantis, and six-legged robots.

The main control board is the brain of Tomo which allows Tomo to move, track lines, balance itself in Dicycle mode and much more. The main control board comes with an enclosed case with color-coded ports, making it easier to assemble and that also allows for various extensions which is cool. The interactive LED lights found atop its brain can be programmed through the use of the app to make fun and interesting light patterns which the kids will love. 

Check out this cool video which shows you how awesome this educational toy is! This makes a wonderful gift for your little ones!

So what do you think of the Tenergy 2 in 1 STEM Robotic Kit? This kit is the perfect way to get the kids learning through play and it is made to be easy to build with easy to follow instructions and more plus it provides endless extensions which is key as once your kid has this down they can use their expertise to go even further with building and more. The perfect gift for Easter, Birthdays and more!


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