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Interior Changes That Will Improve The Look And Value Of Your Home

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When we seek to upgrade our homes, we want to do it the right way. It can be expensive but it is also very worth it. If you’re seeking to sell your home then you will want to ensure that it is ready for the market. With these upgrades, you can create a beautiful home that feels both stylish and homely. It’s time to start looking to the future and investing back into yourself. 

Kitchen Upgrades – It’s time to get modern! 

Your kitchen is a huge workable space that you use for cooking and entertaining and maybe even family night. So the slightest change can refresh you psychologically and raise your morale and the way you view your kitchen. Kitchens tend to wear down easily because they are used so often.

Change the … knobs This small change, will help you to easily, quickly and economically renew your kitchen space. Knobs with fancy styles or cool shapes work well. However, it is good to choose a timeless item to avoid cases of boredom that can hit you every time the decorative trends change! 

Paint everything! Almost! And of course this means your cupboards. This simple change will immediately give your kitchen a new, fresh breath of life! If you feel brave enough, say “yes” to unexpected and intense combinations (eg orange, yellow and green)! If coloured cabinets seem like a very bold idea, all you have to do is consider painting your kitchen chairs or table and it will enhance the space. Bright colours always work well in kitchens. 

Avoid the fabrics! – Give a more pleasant note to your kitchen by changing the curtains. Fabrics in the kitchen harbour germs and dirt over time and without regular cleaning it can be a problem. So avoid very heavy fabrics and choose light weight curtains that do not dampen the atmosphere of the space such as cotton etc.

Light up the space – Transform your space by simply changing the old ceiling lights in your kitchen. In addition to a more modern and special design, dare to choose a lamp with some colors?! This will add a little excitement to your room. Such as a green shade or a blue tint, these will look very stylish and are often seen in magazine worthy houses. 

Same look, different use – You have probably chosen your electrical appliances carefully so why not use them as decorative items to upgrade the style of the space? And we do not mean to change your refrigerator tomorrow to get an upgraded and expensive new design model. The solution is in the small appliances! See which of the everyday appliances (eg. toaster) you can highlight as decorative items. For example, if your coffee maker is blue, you can use it to illuminate your kitchen and simply add a modern, fun and stylish touch to the space. You could use all elements of blue in the kitchen to make it fun.

Lay a rug down- Okay, you do not need to take out the rug you have hidden in the loft to welcome a new season, but a patterned rug, however, will help you give style and intensity to your space very, very economically! It will also make the space feel more cosy and intimate. 

Fresh flowers and plants – All modern kitchens should be full of plants and beautiful flowers. This is very important as it is what can give life to a space. You can use plant pots and place them vertically on one of the walls of the kitchen. The result is original and welcomes the space saving that can be very important in a small kitchen as well as the use of your windowsill to grow herbs and more! 

Bedroom Upgrades 

Your bedroom has to be okay and must be well looked after. You want something that is going to feel lovely and welcoming after a long day at work. It’s time to make your room feel luxurious! 

Add more lamps – You should have more than one light source so that the light will be diffused throughout the space and therefore grasp the attention of the person entering it. Also attach your lamps to the wall so that they do not take up space from the floor and they can hit the ceiling at a better angle for less harsh shadows and lights. 

Use mirrors to add space – Putting a mirror in front of your bed is not good feng shui, so they say. You can, however, put a mirror somewhere else and if this is possible in front of a window or balcony door. This will make the space look bigger and it will free up space on the walls. A free standing mirror is great because you can see full length. 

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Add good furniture – A good bed is everything. It contributes to our physical and mental wellbeing so be sure to choose wisely. Look at Legacy Classic Collections to see which bed is a good fit for your home.

Glass furniture?! – Although we do not have a lot of furniture in the bedroom, if you intend to put a table or a chair, use a perspex material. This way the eye will pass through them and free up the space, if you prefer that airy look. If you aren’t bothered about this, then use a fabric chair and add a cushion that contrasts to the color of the chair. Pinks and greys, blue and cream, you get the picture.

Use space wisely – The space under the bed should never be wasted, especially if you live in a tiny house. Choose a bed with drawers or place baskets with things. The best solution of course is plastic bags that look like suitcases and keep your things clean without accumulating dust. Or use suction bags that will give you extra space. 

Home Office

You may have started working from home lately. Well if this is the case, you will need a home office space that works for you. It’s vital that you have a space that is workable and you feel comfortable in. Here are some ideas that can get you started and on the road to feeling really good about your smaller space.

Add a desk to your room library- Make one of your library shelves a desk, if you have a small room you may have only a shelf to work with but if it is big enough and at the right level, it can be very practical. To make your space even bigger, put a mirror next to your desk and choose light shades for your walls.

Add style for inspiration – We all need to be inspired so add some themes! You may want to opt for something different such as striped black and white wallpaper on one side of the wall and leave the other blank. This trick will separate the office from the rest of the space. A few shelves above the desk will create a more unified result, while a plexiglass chair is a modern and interesting choice.

Improvise if you don’t have drawer space – Use your pre-existing furniture to provide you with extra storage space, such as using trays, storing underneath your furniture and adding shelving. Use the height of the room to avoid clutter too and play around with things. Utilise racks for papers. 

Add office accessories -Definitely, you will need stationery when you sit and work in your office. Turn anything you need into a decorative element, from a little plant to a candle. The office remains part of the home decor and should be decorated as such. You can also add a stylish lamp, a moodboard and perhaps even more personal items, such as a photo frame that houses all your memories. Play around and add some art work and keep a water bottle on your desk to keep hydrated during the day, this is so important! 

Organize better – If you want to keep notes and papers around to refer to, then a diary is vital. But be sure to do it in style. Hang bulletin boards on the wall in a symmetrical way and in use shades that match the rest of the decoration. Turn anything into the most interesting decorative element of the office. You can use dream catchers and murals to pin notes to or use other elements to hang post its on and keep the space fresh even when you don’t have a large surface area. 

Your home is your temple and it is a place that you want to enjoy. Whether you’re staying there long term or if you’re going to be moving soon, you want to have it in a great condition to allow yourself the chance of selling it for a bigger price. If you don’t have the money, then these super simple tips above can really assist and make your home that special place that you always dreamed of…or that someone else has always dreamed of.

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