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Instagram: The Perfect Platform For Marketing Restaurants

Spend any amount of time on Instagram and you are bound to come across a photo of food that is very visually appealing. The fad of taking photos of food and posting it on Instagram is something very unique to the platform, and has never faded. That is why Instagram is the best platform for marketing a restaurant. Here are a few ways restaurants can make use of Instagram.

New Restaurants Can Advertise Their Launch On Instagram 

Through sponsored ads, new restaurants can add photos and videos enticing users with their menu. Many even consider it useful to buy Instagram followers to boost engagements on their pages. The content uploaded on the platform must focus on being visually appealing first and foremost. There is no need to add any promotional text beyond alerting the user that the restaurant is opening soon. People eat with their eyes first, and restaurant owners can give them a taste of what is to come if they visit the restaurant.

Instagram Is a Hub For Influencer Marketing

If a restaurant wants to build hype, and get their target market excited for an event at their location – there is absolutely no better way to do that than by employing influencers. These are people whose entire profession revolves around influencer consumer behavior – a form of marketing – so that their fanbase will use products, services, or even visit venues that they recommend. Some Influencers with a larger fanbase may charge large sums of money. Others, which are just beginning may ask to have a meal for free in exchange for their promotional services. Whatever level of influencer you are looking for, using instagram for restaurants is the perfect way to promote and get your restaurant in front of hundreds of thousands and possibly millions via delicious and beautiful shots of your food and restaurant.

Build A Brand Image On Instagram

Basic marketing for any business includes building an image that is unique for your brand. The same applies for restaurants. Think of how you want potential customers to view your restaurant. Should it be a place where families get together every week? Is it more of a fine dining establishment? You can portray these features in your Instagram posts to significantly affect consumer opinions of your brand. Make sure to think through every post and check that it aligns with your vision and brand image that you have in mind. With a little effort you can create an image of your restaurant in your target audience’s mind.

Sell Services Through Instagram

Many people run their entire business through Instagram, selling goods directly to users. There is no reason that a restaurant shouldn’t also take advantage of the platform as well. You can even offer special promotions that are only available to people who order through Instagram. In this way, your presence on the platform serves a dual purpose: marketing your restaurant, as well as a point of sale. Don’t forget to use the appropriate keywords based on SEO keyword research – this will help you reach more potential customers that are actively searching for your type of cuisine. 

LiveStream Events For More Engagement

If you hold events – no matter how big or small – consider asking the clients to tag you in their live streams and posts. Try to remind regular customers to tag you on Instagram too, or give them a small incentive to do so. You can also set up your own livestream (with the client’s permission of course) if you believe the event would present your restaurant in good light. You can also visit Churchtechnologysuperstore for a guide to live-streaming from your church and other events.


As you can see, Instagram is more than just a place for influencers and fitness models. Restaurants can take advantage of the popularity of food-themed posts on the platform by adding an Instagram marketing strategy to their business. Note that marketing via Instagram is much cheaper than traditional marketing methods used by restaurants, while also being more cost-effective. 

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