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How To Stay Mentally Strong During A Move

It’s moving day for you…and I bet you are about to bust at the seams, right? I have seen a lot of people moving recently – and a lot of them are breaking down. When you get really busy and consumed by stress, it’s hard to stay mentally strong during a move, but I wanted to give you a few tips, just in case you are dealing with it right now. Here are my top tips to help you work on your mental health while moving:

Enlist a positive thinker to help

Struggling to find the bright side in a stressful situation such as moving? Enlist a positive thinker to help you get through this hard (but temporary) timeframe. Think about all of your family and friends. Who brings you up and helps you see the positive? Choose them and then bribe them to help you pack, move, or just hang around for emotional support! 


This may sound trite, but it works. When anxiety strikes, stop and breathe deeply. This may be in the middle of the night, the middle of a meeting or even at the grocery store. Breathe all the way into your belly and feel it move. Put your hands on your stomach to make sure it’s actually moving as you breathe. Do this slowly and with concentration. You will calm down. I promise.

Do something that makes you feel good in a healthy way

So you might not be able to go skiing or hop on a plane to Hawaii. But you can make the decision to go for a bike ride after work or cook a meal or knit a hat – something I’ve found to be a great stress reliever for me.

Forget about it and relax

You might be thinking: “wait?! Just forget about it? How does that work? I have to move!” Take a breath and hear me out. There is only one way to forget about your move (kind of) and that is by hiring a moving company such as Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. But, there is a hold up with this. You need to make sure that the moving company that you choose is a great one. That’s why I brought up Fresh Start…because they will truly take all of the feelings of heaviness (literally and figuratively) off your back. They have amazing reviews, they strive to put the customer first, and they are dedicated to being the best moving company around. The best way to stay mentally strong during a move is definitely to hire help when it comes to packing and moving your items. Worcester residential moving services are not hard to come by, but no moving company compares to Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, so pick wisely and choose Fresh Start! If you need another reason to choose them, look at this amazing review:

“I don’t often leave reviews but felt compelled to do so for Fresh Start! This was our second move with them, the first one being four years ago, and they did not disappoint! Everyone from Elyssa in the office to the two crews that moved us out and in our new house a week later were professional and incredibly knowledgeable and kind. We had an unexpected delay and went from needing 2 nights of storage to 6 nights and it was no problem for Fresh Start! They were on top of everything and exactly where they said they would be when they said they would be there! After dealing with a nightmare of a mortgage company who dropped the ball on their end and a less than helpful lawyer, we were stuck waiting to go on record when the movers arrived! I was mortified and apologized profusely but the moving crew was incredibly gracious about the situation & started preparing as much as they could. Luckily we got in the house quickly but they were prepared for whatever situation arose. In a stressful real estate transaction fresh start was by far the easiest party to deal with! The movers were so careful with our things and incredibly polite & helpful. Cannot recommend fresh start enough! Shout out to Jose who was there for both moves and is a superstar! Thank you fresh start!”

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