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How to Remake Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

To have a great start to your day, you need to wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thus, your bedroom plays a vital role in ensuring your body gets the sleep it needs. So, your bedroom is more than just a room for sleeping, and it needs not only to be comfortable but friendly. Therefore, give yourself the gift of quality sleep by giving your bedroom a remake to have a welcoming place for sleep. Before you do this, get inspiration from magazines, websites, and friends. Here you will find fabrics, colors, and furniture that you like from photographs, among many others. Below are ways to remake your bedroom for better sleep. 

Invest in a quality mattress

Put your money where your mattress is as money you spend on a new purple mattress is money well spent. When you are doing your bedroom makeover, designate a significant portion of the money you will use for a new mattress, to ensure you sleep well. If you have had it for more than 

seven years. Experts agree it is best to replace it with a new one. Thus, choose quality mattresses and pillows that will be comfortable to help keep your spine aligned. Also, size matters depending on the people using the bed. For instance, a couple will fit in a king size mattress. 

Control the light 

A dark bedroom, helps you sleep well. But you also need a room that is cheerful and bright during the day. Nonetheless, during the night, you need to know how to keep the light out. For example, choose room darkening drapes, blinds, or shades that plunge the room into darkness at night, but sunshine can come in during the day. Ensure you screen out electronics as when they are in use, they negatively impact your sleep. Take lighting into task. For instance, lampshades help to diffuse lighting, and you can install dimmer switches to control brightness. 

Consider the décor details 

As you remake your perfect bedroom, the décor you choose makes the space comfortable and welcoming. To begin with, ban clutter, and this is possible by making your bed the focal point. In this way, you can keep accessories to a minimum to help create a calm environment. Add personal history to your room by displaying significant photographs. Act natural by getting fresh plants and flowers as they help remove toxins from the air, bring energy into a room by making it a healthy place to live. Finally, you can design your bedroom space to have a place for everything to have peace of mind in your room.

Reduce the noise in your bedroom 

When there is no noise in your bedroom, you sleep well, and your room is more inviting. The noise comes from different places, your tablet or cell phone, and as you remake your room, have an area far from your bed to keep all these gadgets every night. If you do not fancy a white noise machine, create your own by adding a fan, air conditioner, or small fountain to distract noises and help you sleep. In the case where your partner snores, get snoring solutions like decongestants, breathing strips, or visit a sleep specialist. 

Have a perfect arrangement 

How do you locate your furniture in your bedroom? Depending on how to arrange it, it will show how welcoming or cozy the room will be. So, the best bed bet is to face your bed away from the door or window. Where possible, place it on an interior wall. As for nightstands, keep them within reach and should be an appropriate height in proportion to your bed. Designate a reading, sleeping, and work area of your room if space allows. Ensure there is a path to your bed with no obstructions so that you do not trip at night. 

To conclude, the above points will come in handy as you give your bedroom space a remake. When you have a welcoming bedroom, it is easy to get quality sleep. Therefore, you wake up relaxed and refreshed. Also, consider the temperature in your room, for it affects the quality of sleep you get, among other things. 

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