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How to Overcome Anxiety?

Anxiety, they say, is a modern war, one we fight with ourselves, and often lose. What if we had something to hold us there – ever so faithful, an almost guarantee of a success? As it is, we already know what anxiety is; Wikipedia elaborates it as “an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil”, which we understand as often accompanied by nervous behavior, say annoyance, pacing back and forth, physical issues such as pain, etc. It even includes inexplicably unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated, and not necessarily real, events.

To add to it all, on the other hand, studies suggest that anxiety and depression have trebled during this coronavirus lockdown that we’ve been in and out of this entire year. So, how about a reliable something now?

What Can You Do When You’re Anxious?

What’s amazing here is that there’s a lot you can do when you dread the event of anxiety. To begin with, breathe in, breathe out, repeat until you feel better all over again, but the list doesn’t end there. As it is, self-care is the best first aid, and all the more reliable. With zero side effects, self-care begins with avoiding alcoholic products, reducing caffeine intake, increasing physical exercises, quitting smoking, practising relaxation techniques and methods of stress management alongside, the most important, a healthy diet. Also, there are many motivational apps available that can help you in healing anxiety.

To put it all together:

*Begin with a shout-out: Once you’ve done the inhaling-exhaling bit and feel relaxed, talk to someone you trust. They can help you cope with it better than all else. Sometimes, however, you can also choose to literally shout it out and get rid of your frustration.

*Move, flex your muscles: Exercise is one of the oldest methods to resolve any issue we face as humans. From personal to societal and all else, exercise has proven to be the best of the ways to relax. Moreover, physical activity raises the levels of a few hormones, such as endorphins and serotonin, to help one feel better emotionally. As it is, these hormones help our bodies to relax properly, and relaxation is all one needs in times of stress.

*Move away from caffeine: Keep at bay an excess of caffeine at the least. Because although a cup of coffee, some chocolate, or chilled beverages like Coke do help us feel better at times, none of these should be our go-to choice. It is said so because the amount of caffeine a person consumes on an average can only worsen their anxiety. So, if your normal for this nervous system-jolting drug is four cups a day, make it two or, if you can, one.

*Guarantee yourself good sleep: Our world is an extremely busy one, so, it’s no wonder you might prefer beating yourself up for work all day, but it does add up straight to anyone’s anxiety too. So, while nothing else might be possible, try saving for yourself a few good hours of sleep for guaranteed comfort.

*Don’t skip meals: And come what may, don’t hurt your tummy so. Because as a healthy mind helps grow a healthy, so does a healthy body help in the growth of a healthy mind.

What If All of This Is Only Moderately Helpful?

Natural methods are almost always the slow and steady type; that they win is a surety, it is just that it takes a little time. However, if your patience runs you over in this time, it’s okay to take a step further for better health.

This is where Valium, a minor tranquiliser that reportedly helps people with anxiety, chips in. Severe and generalised anxiety disorders have known also to be successfully treated by Valium, or the drug diazepam of the benzodiazepine tranquiliser family which is known to calm anxiety down. A very effective drug, it can be used to treat a spectrum of mental stress-related issues through its impact on the GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) receptors in the human body. By regulating the sleep- and anxiety-related neurotransmitter, Valium has been known to help treat issues regarding and not limited to seizures, muscle spasms and even bipolar disorder.

End Note

To stay on the safe side, it’s always better to stick to all-natural methods and take further steps only very cautiously, but even if you do, don’t leave the natural side.


What if you had something to rely on when stress stressed you more than it should? Valium is a guarantee of safety, and you could always bank on it.

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