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How To Make Your Dirt Bike Spring and Summer Ready?

While there is nothing that could stop a passionate dirt bike rider from zooming on a trail, the weather sometimes poses a hindrance. Especially winters keep them away from such adventures. Fortunately,  spring and summer allow riders to jump back on the trail. 

As dirt bikes hibernate in garages for the whole stretch of the winter, it becomes essential to prepare them for riding. Here is how to make your dirt bike spring and summer-ready. 

Clean the bike 

Winters in Australia are generally harsh, not only on people but also on bikes. Although most riders store their dirt bikes in their garage, dirt and debris make their way to it. This brings us to the first thing you should do to prepare your bike for your spring/summer riding spree, and that is, cleaning your bike. 

The exhaust pipes and other parts of your bike might be covered in dust, debris, or salt, which can cause rusting. Hence, thoroughly clean your bike after taking it out of your garage. 

Check the air filters 

Your dirt bike is as good as your engine, and your engine is as good as its air filters. So, ultimately air filters play a substantial role in determining how your dirt bike performs on the trail. 

Before taking your bike for a ride, make it a point to clear your air filters of dirt, moisture, or oil. If required, change them before riding. 

The air filters are the components that keep pebbles, sand, sticks, dirt, and other debris from getting inside the engine and damaging it. Hence, having them in their best form is essential to extend the life of the engine and keep your bike going. 

Check the coolant 

As you know, the coolant keeps your bike from overheating while riding. If you don’t keep a check on the coolant, your bike might break down in the middle of your riding spree. So, before you hit the trail after a long break, check the coolant in your dirt bike. Also, make it a point to top up your bike with the right type of coolant. 

Check the tires 

Riding in the hot summer season raises concerns about your safety. To ensure you have a safe riding experience, check whether or not your tires are in their best form. 

Physically examine the tires. If they appear worn out to you, get them changed. Also, check their alignment.

Any problem with the tires can jeopardize your safety. Hence, be vigilant about the condition of the tires. 

Check your riding gear and accessories

As much as checking your bike is important, it is equally essential to ensure that your entire riding equipment is in its best shape. From your dirt bike helmet to your leather pants, goggles to gloves, knee pads to elbow pads, body armour to boots, check the condition of every component of your riding equipment to ensure that you are finally ready for a ride. 

Having the right dirt bike riding equipment is essential to your safety. Hence, do not overlook the condition of your riding gear.  

The bottom line 

Dirt biking is a goosebump-inducing sport. It also makes you vulnerable to dangers. Hence, taking care of your safety is of utmost importance. Every season brings certain challenges with it and it is important as a rider to be aware of them and learn how to tackle them. Riding your bike immediately after a long winter break poses safety hazards. Hence, prepare your bike for spring/summer before you hit the trail. We hope these tips will help you make your dirt bike spring/summer-ready.

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