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How to Fix a Leaky Split Air Conditioning System

If your split air conditioning system is leaking water, then your unit may have a clogged drainage pipe. This part of your air conditioner allows the condensation from your unit to fall down and away from the system so it does not build up. When the drainage pipe of your air con is blocked, it is normal to spot water leaking from under your unit.

Unfortunately, there is something more alarming about a leaky split system than just seeing water dripping from it. More than anything, it reduces the efficiency of your air con and makes your home less comfortable, especially during the summer months.

In this article, you will discover the steps on how to fix a leaky split system, depending on its cause.

Why is our split air conditioner leaking?

Before you even think about fixing your leaky split system, you need to find out the cause of the leak. Usually, this is caused by a broken drain pan or a blocked drain line or air filter.

If you take the time to inspect your air conditioning system, you will find the drain pan below the evaporator coil. This component works in gathering the condensate coming from the indoor unit. Obviously, any crack in your drain pan will cause water to leak from your system.

Another common reason for air con leaks is algae blocking your condensate line. While it is something you can address yourself, it is still best to call an HVAC professional if you are not sure about the right steps to take.

Now that you know the most common causes of a leaky split system, let us discuss how you can fix your leaky unit.

How do you fix a leaky split system?

If you find that your air conditioning system is leaking, the best thing to do is to address the problem as early as possible. Remember, a leaking unit will not only lead to more major problems for your air conditioner, but may also destroy the wall where your unit is installed.

As soon as you see that your unit is leaking, make sure to turn off your system at the breaker box and look for a professional to fix the problem. If you want to try fixing it yourself, we have listed below some of the things you can do to remedy your leaking split system. Before you perform the cleaning, make sure you have your screwdriver, electric tape, and vacuum with hose attachment with you.

·   If caused by a brimming drain pan

The drain pan of your air conditioning unit works in catching water from your unit. If you find that your air con is leaking due to an overflowing pan, you may clean it using a vac. Using a flashlight, provide a temporary fix to your broken drain pan through a sealant. This will help keep any condensation from leaking while you wait for a professional to provide a more permanent solution to the issue.

·   If caused by a blocked drain line

If your air con is leaking due to a blocked drain line, you can clean it before calling an air conditioning specialist. But since algae, fungi and other debris are not easy to get rid of, it is highly likely that you will need to use a wet-dry vacuum to wipe them out. To do this, you must locate the PVC pipe near the drain pan and pour six ounces of vinegar into it. While this is one of the fastest ways to clean a drain line, there are times when the algae and fungi are just too thick to get rid of instantly. When this happens, the best thing to do is to link your wet-dry attachment to your outdoor condensate drain line and use the vacuum to siphon off all the debris that is clogging your drain line. Once the drain line has been de-clogged, reseal the joint using an electrical tape and try turning your AC back on and see if anything has changed. If you notice that something is still wrong with your unit, it would be best to seek help from a professional.

If your split system continues to exhibit problems after being cleaned, call an air conditioning specialist and leave it to them. While there are air conditioning maintenance tasks you can easily perform and figure out yourself, there are things that only a skilled and knowledgeable AC expert can do. Check https://www.suncityair.com.au/air-conditioning-services/split-system-air-conditioning/ so you know you rely on a team of experts to fix your leaky AC.

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    This is a very interesting and informative post! I know absolutely nothing about A/C systems so this is very good to know! It may save someone a lot of money to fix instead of completely replace your A/C.

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