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How to define your golden kitchen faucet choice?

Are you planning to replace your old kitchen faucet with a new design? Kitchen renovation ideas can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. You want to make sure that everything syncs in perfectly and makes your cooking area extremely fun and functional. Since faucets also play an essential role in this whole setup, it must be in focus right now. With hundreds of designs, it gets overwhelming sometimes to figure out what should be your best option. Well, it goes without saying that if you want to give your kitchen a touch of luxury, then adding a gold fixture can be more than enough. The soft finish of the new golden tones makes them an ideal partner for any modern kitchen.

Even you can comfortably assume that a vibrant gold kitchen faucet can achieve a desirable aesthetic feel without much effort. You have to be a little wise with the color of your cabinet, backsplash, and drawer pull. As such, gold can blend with white, black, white & black, cream, and other such surroundings seamlessly. If you are ambitious enough, you can discuss unconventional design and decoration ideas with your interior decorator to make the whole thing more sensational. As far as the quality and pricing go, visiting a trusted online store can be helpful.

In this context, it is critical to understand one thing, though. Using a gold faucet in the kitchen sink can look supremely tasteful. But it is not just a showpiece, which can afford to sit idle in one corner and enjoy attention from everyone. While the looks matter, it is also essential to make sure that it performs well. For this, you have to build your knowledge about this choice a bit. 

Here are a few things to help you figure out what you can expect from your gold kitchen faucet choice.

Things to consider when buying a golden kitchen faucet

Although a gold faucet is a strong statement in itself, you cannot ignore its practical application for its appearance. A non-functional piece can be nothing but junk in a busy space like a kitchen. Hence, when it comes to defining it as a perfect choice, you need to give importance to certain things. When you think of their practical application, your attention automatically swerves to its ability to dispense hot and cold water with ease. With this, there are multiple other factors too that need consideration at the time of buying a new one.


You get countertop, wall, and sink mounting options. Of them, countertop installation gets maximum nods, for it leaves adequate free space between the sink and the wall. Due to this, your cleaning job becomes manageable. Also, you don’t have to take pressure with its installation process. It is quite smooth to install. And if you buy it from branded stores, you can expect to get all the required materials that come in handy in the installation work.


Plastic, zinc, stainless steel, and brass are some of the leading choices in faucet materials. Since the color is already pre-decided, you can anticipate that it is going to be brass for you. Brass is well-recognized for its durability, designs, and finishes. It is easy to cast; some models feature sprayer heads too. There is a common belief that brass faucets contain lead for casting. In the US, taps containing more than eight percent of this element don’t get approval. Lead can cause water contamination if not run for over a few hours. However, once you turn the tap on, this challenge disappears within a few seconds.

It can sound surprising to know that some states have even stricter guidelines around it. Hence, having proper knowledge and information is necessary. So, it is essential to make sure you invest your money in something safe. If you intend to purchase a filter tap, you can pin your focus on lead-free choices. Some companies offer lead-free filter taps for kitchens, helping people to enjoy their health. 

Of all the materials, brass can be one of the best investments. The brushed brass faucets made with advanced technologies are superior. They can give you leak-free experience. As per EPA, leaky faucets cause over 10,000 gallons of water wastage annually. However, the eco-friendly construction offered by a few brands ensures there is no leak as well as splashing. It doesn’t impact its flow of water, though.


One of the most coveted factors that can make your gold faucet choice even more impressive is its easy upkeep. Brass can cover up smudges and fingerprints. If you compare it with chrome, you will gain more conviction to pick brass. Chrome requires thorough cleaning to remain unaffected.

Handles/ levers

Although this is a part of the design, it can also have a tremendous impact on the usage. When you talk about this specific feature, the two choices that immediately pop up in mind include a single handle and double handle. Both these have particular pros and cons. Single handle models occupy less space while supplying temperature-controlled water flow. Double handles take up an extra inch, but they offer effective temperature control. They are more comfortable to use too. However, some people don’t feel comfortable with this traditional style as they have to control two different temperatures to get the water flow to the desirable levels of hot and cold.

It is quite a personal thing if you analyze it. You can pick one over the other by watching your kitchen habits.

Gold faucets in the kitchens impart a feeling of warmth and comfort. They become the center of attention. From 90-degree angles to pullout nozzles to tall fixtures, there are endless features to check with the golden tone. If you are an extremely busy chef of your home kitchen, you can think of adding a commercial faucet in a gold design. Otherwise, pull-down options can be worth considering. Just keep an eye on what is available in gold faucet models before you finalize anything. When you explore them and their utility, you get to know which golden model deserves to enter your special place.

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