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How Teen Vloggers Reach Their Target Audience

Teens have a lot to worry about, from surviving high school to choosing their future and the college admissions process. Yet, many of them have still found time to use digital video content to launch lucrative careers as social media influencers. Doesn’t it make you wonder what content videos and other digital marketing tactics could do for your brand?

If nothing else, we should admire these teens for their ability to notice a trend and capitalize on it in a profitable fashion. The good news is we’re here to help you do the same for your small business. If there was ever a time to copy your teen, this is it. Continue reading to learn some of the ways teen vloggers reach their target audience.

Teens are great at creating share-worthy content.

The first step to becoming a social media influencer is creating engaging content. The idea here is you have to create content that’s worthy of sharing so other people will begin reposting your content and doing some of your marketing for you. Some people call this earned media, and it’s essentially any kind of marketing you don’t originate or disseminate through your own media outlets. 

The earned media definition is similar to user-generated content (UGC). However, the difference is that UGC is earned media that you in turn share on your own platform. Both types of content are excellent ways to increase your brand awareness. 

They cover issues relating to the teen experience.

One thing teen vloggers have mastered is the art of creating relevant content. You have to have a well-defined target audience, and you need to know what issues are important to them and the type of content they like. You may watch a teen vlogger video and find it doesn’t resonate with you. However, if you look at their views, you’ll see they’ve landed on their target. For instance, they might post videos helping high school seniors find the best college counselors or telling them which extracurricular activities look best on college applications.

Data analytics can help you find your target market. You can learn what age group and demographic you should aim for as well as how you should target them. As the G.I. Joes would say, “Knowing is half the battle.” So, do you know your target market better than a teenager?

They’re consistent.

You might knock teens for spending so much time online, but one thing they have going for them is they’re consistent. Being consistent is key to attracting and maintaining followers. They want to be able to rely on you posting fresh content, and you must oblige your followers to keep them. Otherwise, they’ll run to your competitors. 

In recent years, teen vloggers and bloggers have shown us that you can create a large following if you create content people care about, so imagine what content marketing can do for your brand. The main key to your success is creating great content that people will want to watch and share time and again. It’s also critical that you create content that’s relevant to your target audience and that you post new content consistently and use big data to find ways to improve your content and attract more potential customers. 

Times have changed, and so have the means of reaching the masses, and teens have been leading this change. The good news is, the same way social media and other digital marketing platforms have worked for them, they can work for your small business. Indeed, you can vlog your way to success and significantly increase your brand’s marketing ROI. So, are you ready to move your brand into the future?

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