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How Summer Camps Can Prove to be Beneficial for Language Learners

Youngsters around the Western World and the whole globe, in general, are currently geared towards learning new languages and getting new experiences. It can be fun to learn a language in summer break, and coupling that with the bragging rights that come along with it, have tilted youngsters towards this hobby.

In consideration of this passion, there are numerous summer camps (like this summer camp maine) and other language camps that make the learning process easier to manage. Summers are when most students are free from the burden of their academics and can focus on their hobbies that they have been overlooking for quite some time now. And, since learning a language is quite an extensive endeavor that requires full concentration, it can only be partaken once you are free from your academic load.

Now, within languages, Mandarin happens to be one that has instigated quite a lot of interest and stir within the youth. In 2017 alone, around 230,000 American youths signed up for a Mandarin learning course, to polish their skills in the Chinese language. Just think how beneficial it will be to add another language to your portfolio? It can open a wide range of opportunities for you, such as traveling to that country, or better still, building a life there. Places similar to the UK Language Project offer a wide range of languages to learn such as Arabic and Spanish so you don’t have to stop at Chinese Mandarin. But this does seem to be a popular language of choice.

Moreover, we also have a lot of students that have shown interest in the Chinese language during the last decade or so. The writing is on the wall that more and more students across the globe are accepting Chinese as a language that should be learned and mastered.

While there is no shortage of interest and motivation, the average student cannot possibly start learning a language as complex as Mandarin with their daily routine. Weekly sessions and online classes for Mandarin just don’t make the cut, and students are left with no option but to drop their passion for the language altogether.

Summer camps that provide an interactive learning experience are best suited for these needs, as they give all attendees a chance to get their learning capabilities on point.

Want to know more about why summer camps are best suited for you when you want to learn a foreign language as complex as Mandarin? Well, keep reading on this article and find all the benefits that you can get out of attending a summer camp for learning Mandarin:

Improve Your Chinese

This should be a no-brainer, since you are attending a Chinese language learning course, and the sole outcome from that has to be an improvement in your command of the language. However, we have seen numerous students attend Chinese language courses during their normal workload and academic load, and fail at registering any improvements in their understanding of the language.

Attending a Chinese language course is a basic pre-requisite for learning the language, but the time of the year you participate in the course also has an important role to play over here. Summers are perfect for attending a foreign language course, since students have the time off from their academic load, and the season is conducive for learning such as this. You can stuff your learning experience in between two academic years, and go back to college or school with a greater understanding of the language. How cool is that?

The learning experience from a summer language course is also enhanced because of the time that you have on your hands. The native speaking teachers provided by many such summer courses work with the students through fun-filled and interactive methods. The learning process is made simpler by introducing games, and by ensuring that all of the students get a grasp of what is being taught to them.

Develop New Skills

The skills you get to learn from a summertime language course aren’t just limited to the language you are learning. Your primary outcome would be the mandarin that you will learn and your command over the Chinese language. But, there are certain other things as well that you will take home along with you.

Young people that attend summer time courses get to take home a lot of different skills, including:

*Interpersonal Skills: Students work in groups to learn the Chinese language, and register all the information together. This helps build interpersonal skills.

*Communication Skills: Communication with the teacher and the batch require you to work on your communication skills and make them better.

*Leadership Skills: You will be given different team working tasks by the instructor to make sure that the process is being followed in an interactive manner. All students participating will get a chance to practice their leadership skills during the course, and to take home with them a renewed spirit for leadership. Instructors try tested methods of improving leadership skills in children and students, so that the outcomes are favorable.

*Team Working Skills: Your team working skills will also be honed during the camp, as you will work with different students around you to get the best out of the experience.

The journey of self-discovery and learning promised by these courses is quite a catch.

Combine Education with Activity

Ask any student around you, and they would respond that the merger of education with activity is what really gets them excited and interested in their academics. Education goes hand in hand with interactivity, which is why the merger between the two gets the best results.

The summer camps held for giving students the right lessons on Mandarin and the Chinese language are focused on a lot more than just education. Of course, the Chinese language is the primary reason why you are heading to the session, but there is a lot of fun to be had with communication and activities as well.

Since summer camps give teachers and students a lot of time together, teachers can take their students out of the class for adventurous sessions that promise a lot of fun. You could either go for regular weekend excursions, and mix learning with the activities, or have a fun-filled session in class.

Summer camps for learning a foreign language offer a lot of benefits, which you should find out more about. It is always good for students to add skills to their acumen, rather than wasting time in the summers.

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  • Lauryn R

    This is such an interesting post, thank you so much for sharing! I had no idea that Summer camps would be beneficial for language learners, or that there is a wide interest for learning the Chinese language.

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