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How to Make Your Leather Last a Lifetime 

Leather is a long-lasting material that can last generations with the right care and attention. Not only can you continue to wear and get a lot of use out of your leather products to know that they tend to get softer and more beautiful with time.  

 This makes them an excellent investment piece. From coats to belts to boots, your leather additions can make a great statement in your wardrobe for decades. To ensure that your leather lasts that long and continues to look great, however, you will want to use this guide.  

Everyday Maintenance 

There are many ways to immediately start taking better care of your leather. To start, if your leather gets wet, immediately dry it off. Blot out the excess water and leave it to air dry. If necessary, use newspaper to prop up your cowgirl boots or your leather bag to speed up this process.  

Regularly Clean Your Leather  

Dirt, pollution, spills, and the like can all hurt your leather. To ensure that your leather goods last as long as possible, either clean them when they get dirty or try to clean them fairly regularly (in the case of shoes or boots).  

To clean your leather, you will need a special cleaner for the best results. You may also need additional tools like a brush to get that dirt out of the seams and grooves.  

Condition When it Gets Dry  

Your leather should feel soft to the touch. If it isn’t and starts to feel dry, then you need to condition it. Conditioning leather should only be done after you clean the leather and leave it to dry. From there, you will want to test the conditioner that you have in a small, unnoticeable spot to see if it changes the color. If it doesn’t, then you will want to buff the conditioner into the leather and leave it to rest, usually overnight.  

Store Leather when It’s Not in Use  

If you only use your leather item for one season, then store it properly instead of leaving it out. You will want to keep your leather away from heat, humidity, sunlight, and dust. Your leather will need to breathe, so don’t use a plastic bag; instead, a fabric one and store it in a cool, dry place. Once a month or so, while it is in storage, you should also take it out to air it. This can reduce any mold risk and can keep your leather smelling great.  

Don’t Sweat Scratches and Signs of Wear  

Keeping your leather in good condition does not mean that it can or will stay in perfect condition. There will be scratches, there will be signs of use, and that is great. Leather tends to look more beautiful as it ages and gets distressed. Just keep it in good condition and conditioned, and your leather products will look better with age.  

Leather does not rot easily, is very sturdy, and isn’t prone to ripping or wearing through. By keeping it in good condition, you can continue to wear those great pieces for years without issue.  

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