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Home Comforts: How to Travel in Style 

More and more people are turning to RVs as a way to enjoy a stay-cation whilst still managing to escape your life in the city or getting away from your permanent home.

With the global pandemic of 2020 and the spread of the coronavirus disease, a large number of people have been unable to travel internationally or abroad for their vacations the way they normally would, and even the people who managed to get away have been limited. 

So, in order to make your home away from home feel more comfortable so you can get back to travelling in style whilst still remaining in the country, we are here to take a look at some of the key home comforts you can take with you when you are travelling in your motorhome

Access to Electricity 

A lot of people associate camping or vacationing in an RV with battery packs and limited juice for your electrical devices, but being rationed to just an hour of screen time each day won’t feel like having your home comforts for some people (and by that, we mean us). 

Luckily, most RVs will be equipped with electrical outlets that allow you to plug in and play on any of your electronics whilst you are away, provided you are connected to a power source. 

Wi-Fi Connection

Of course, there is no home comfort in today’s modern age that compares to having Wi-Fi. 

If you want your kids to come away with you willingly without complaining about the lack of internet connection for the whole trip, then Wi-Fi is a must-have home comfort for you. Plus, most RV campsites now offer a free Wi-Fi service that you can connect to during your stay. 

Running Water

RV water tanks and pumps are absolutely essential pieces of equipment for anyone who is travelling in a motorhome, or at least, they are if you want to have access to running water. 

This isn’t just convenient for showering, washing, brushing your teeth, and the like, but these will also provide you with fresh water for washing up your pots, plates, and cutlery, as well as being able to fill up your kettle whenever it is time for a fresh cup of coffee or a pot of tea.

Household Appliances

Don’t start packing up your kitchen sink just yet, but if you want to travel in style the next time you go away in your RV, it might be worth taking some of your appliances with you. 

Things like a microwave, a kettle, or a grill can make you feel right at home even when you are out and about in nature. Just make sure you check to see what your RV already has first.

Television or Tablets

There are only so many sights to see and walks you can go on when you are traveling in your RV, so sometimes, it can be nice to just kick back with a beer and some good TV. 

Keep up with your favorite shows while you are away by taking a television with you. This way, your RV really will feel like home! Don’t forget to bring snacks for movie night… 

Heating and Air Conditioning Units 

It is practically impossible to get comfortable when you are too hot or too cold, so check out the heating and air conditioning options before you go away in your motorhome. 

The majority of RVs will come with their own form of central heating and/or air conditioning and depending on the model, you could even have an electric or gas fireplace to use. This way you can make sure you remain at a comfortable temperature for your whole stay. 

Outdoor Seating

Sitting on the floor on blankets and cushions can make for a cute picnic, but it is not really an ideal solution for the entire duration of your vacation, so consider taking some outdoor furniture or seating that you can use to make your trip more comfortable. 

If you have a porch back home that you would usually sit out on yet still be in the shade, consider purchasing a parasol or a sun umbrella so you can enjoy the same whilst away.

Family Games

You will never be bored when you have a few board games with you, so if you are part of a family who takes games night seriously, you will want to make sure you pack something to take away, whether it’s cards or monopoly.

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