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Finding More Reasons To Smile Is More Than Mystical, Ephemeral ‘Self-Help’

If you type anything related to self help in an internet search engine, sooner or later you’re going to come across some kooky content. Long articles written on basic java websites detailing how you need to integrate your shadow self or abide by your horoscopes perfectly or that because you didn’t order the salad last night, you are now going to experience three years of bad luck.

With the right mindset, it’s quite easy to convince yourself of everything and anything on the internet. But of course, you’re more intelligent than this. You’re the kind of person who looks for more substantive advice, understanding how to weed out the bad from the good. Here’s a tip – if the advice is simple and often relates to who we are as a people, it’s worth paying attention to.

For example, giving yourself more reasons to smile in a day is a practical guide that may help you find more optimism in your daily life. If only someone would write that article. Oh look, someone left the following words below:

Finding Reasons To Be Grateful

We can look at the world around us and quite easily find something that annoys us. Perhaps a street light is out outside our home, and the local government hasn’t invested in its repair for months. Perhaps we feel a little tired today and have that board meeting coming up. Maybe we weren’t able to fully get our workout completed with as much energy as we had hoped that morning.

If you continually think on these lines, you can fall into a sense of complete annoyance and even personal grief. That’s never a good thing. Instead, finding reasons to be grateful can help you overcome those feelings and feel much more comfortable in yourself. It sometimes feels like an oversimplification, but thinking of the things you are grateful for can override all of that negative energy.

For example, sure you might have missed your workout that morning. But if you’re reading this, you likely eat better than most of the world’s population. Your family might be in good health, or you are starting to make progress towards paying off your debts. Maybe you slept roughly last night, but you slept next to someone who you do truly love. There’s always a silver lining, always something to tell you that you are worthwhile. If you can tap into this mindset, you are sure to find reasons to be the most grateful version of you.

Dental Care

It can be hard to smile when we are worried about the state of disrepair we find our teeth. Perhaps they are coffee stained, or through quitting smoking you’ve realized just how yellowed they have become. It could also be that last night you managed to chip your tooth while eating something, or perhaps you just wish to finally tailor your wonky tooth a little.

With dental restoration services, you can gain quick, easy, but most of all professional and careful dental care. This will certainly give you something to smile about, because how you could deprive the world from that beaming, wonderful smile? Not only that, but you’ll likely feel much more confident next time you are part of a selfie or group photograph. If you are looking for a reliable dentist, be sure to check out this Dentist in Las vegas.

Smiling Feels Good

Research has shown that smiling itself can help stimulate your pleasure receptors, helping you feel happy even if nothing is going on. Try it now. Smile, perhaps in private if you feel a little self-aware. Notice how your mood lifts. It’s hard to smile and not feel at least a little elation. Additionally, smiling more for others, such as when greeting them, when laughing together or when simply appreciative of them, and you’ll notice that your smile is reflected back at you. It’s as contagious as a yawn.

Of course, you may not have a ‘smile quota’ each day, but do try to act in a lighthearted and appreciative manner for those you communicate with. Give a gentle ‘good morning’ to those you pass while walking your dog in the park. It’s this levity that can help most of us feel comfortable in ourselves, and as if things aren’t so bad after all.

Smiling Makes You More Attractive

Some people are unfortunately cursed with ‘resting scowl face’ and this can often make them seem angrier with you than they are. Add a deadpan method of communication to that, and it can be hard for people to connect with you. So, does this mean that you need to focus on being someone you are not to hope people like you? Of course not.

However, making the effort to smile does often help you connect with people more appropriately, as discussed. It makes you more attractive. Have you ever noticed that most models being photographed for high-designer fashion lines rarely smile in their presentation? Sure they look very attractive regardless, but there’s a coldness there that many of us can view as alienating. Smiling not only lights up your eyes, but it helps you seem appreciative, and it also gives you a mysterious aura, because people are wondering if you are smiling for them or not.

Again, doing this artificially can only lead you to feel like an alien from another planet. But making the effort to smile and crack your armor at the right times will truly help your confident and loving relationship with other people. You may not believe this, but be sure to try it out. You will be astonished as to the results you will find here.

In Summary

Many of us take smiling for granted, even though we know just how great it feels to make someone smile. Perhaps you could be that person, helping you connect with others, appreciate life more, and also crack your hard exterior just a little more. After al, a little humility never hurts.

With this advice, we hope you have many more reasons to smile and a more enjoyable social experience because of it.

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