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6 Pros of Eating Hemp Seeds

In high school, maybe you had a hip hemp bag or string necklace. Nowadays, we bet you’d rather eat it. These tiny seeds belong to the ever-growing list of superfoods, bursting with nutrition. What can they do for your health, and what are the potential benefits of hemp hearts?

There are many possible advantages to expect from those buds you grew from Cookie strain seeds—hemp has plenty too. Just a tablespoon of these little hearts daily may offer a wealth of benefits to your general well-being.

Discover what incorporating these tasty seeds into your diet can do for you and the best ways to consume them. We bet you’ll be placing an order for a pack of hearts by the time we’re through!

High source of protein

Say goodbye to protein shakes and hello to hemp hearts. These seeds are an ideal plant-based source of the macronutrient, containing all the essential amino acids. Hemp hearts are a “complete” protein and hold much more than flaxseeds or chia. 

As more people turn toward plant-based diets, the seeds are gaining popularity. One of the incredible benefits of eating hemp hearts for non-meat eaters is this high protein content. They provide similar amounts of the vital dietary requirement to lamb and beef.

25% of calories in the hearts come from high-quality protein. Hemp seeds are also easier to digest than many grains, nuts, and legumes—what’s not to love!

Packed with nutrition

Eat hemp seeds to give your body a healthy dose of nutrients daily. These tiny hearts boast 30% fat and plenty of minerals. Expect to nourish your being with calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. There’s a decent amount of vitamin E, too. 

The hemp seed omega ratio is just as impressive. They come with the optimal 3:1 balance of linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3).

Promote healthy skin

According to studies, the balance of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids may influence the immune system’s functioning. The ideal range mentioned above has the potential to help improve various skin conditions. 

The immune system’s reaction to inflammation is usually the cause of most dermal issues, so a daily hemp seed dose might help. A spoonful of hearts can boost your blood’s essential fatty acid content and relieve itching and redness.

Rubbing hemp oil into the skin is one of the various uses of hemp seeds. Apply to targeted spots to help combat conditions quickly and efficiently. 

Lower heart disease risk

Did you know heart disease is the number one killer worldwide? With this in mind, it’s no surprise that people everywhere welcome any possible way to lower their risk. Are hemp seeds healthy for your ticker? Their composition suggests they are.

The high amino acid content inside hemp hearts might help blood vessels dilate and relax. Adding the seeds to your daily routine may reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease. 

The little kernels might also calm inflammation, thanks to another acid—gamma-linolenic—lowering your risk even more.

Aid your digestion

Fiber is a vital nutrient in a balanced diet and helps regulate your digestive health. Whole hemp seeds come with 80% insoluble and 20% soluble fiber. The former bulks stool to help it pass through you, and the latter has beneficial digestive bacteria. It may regulate cholesterol too. 

To make the most of these benefits of eating hemp seeds, consume them with the shell on. This outer layer is where all the fiber is, so if you remove them, you won’t enjoy this potential health booster.

Reduce PMS symptoms

Among reproductive women, up to 80% experience some form of physical or emotional discomfort from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Many experts say the prolactin hormone is to blame—hemp seeds might help. 

The hearts hold gamma-linolenic acid, which creates prostaglandin E1 for your body and helps it lower prolactin’s effects.

Evidence suggests that 210 mg of gamma-linolenic acid a day significantly reduces PMS symptoms. If you experience fluid retention, depression, irritability, or breast tenderness with your period, you might find relief.

The high gamma-linolenic acid levels in the hearts suggest that using hemp seeds for hormone balance could alleviate any discomfort from PMS.

Ways to consume your daily hemp hearts

One of the benefits of hemp hearts is the delectable nutty flavor that makes them an excellent addition to any meal. Check out the variety of ways you can include them in your daily diet:

*Sprinkle one or two tablespoons over salads, yogurt, or your morning cereal.

*Add a spoonful to a juice or smoothie.

*Eat them by themselves, shell-on, to curb your hunger mid-morning.

*If you’re sensitive to gluten, substitute them for breadcrumbs in recipes. 

*Whizz them in your blender for delicious hemp milk. 

*If you’re allergic to nuts, toast your hemp seeds for a similar snack. 

Do you want to take things even further with your hemp journey? Plant some seeds and raise some homegrown crops. It’s not only the hearts that provide plentiful benefits. 

Fun fact: Cannabis seeds also come with many of the same potential advantages. If you’ve got any Stardawg feminized seeds to hand, see if they provide the health boost you’re looking for. 

Add hemp seeds to your diet and reap the benefits

The potential health benefits of hemp seeds are many. Whether you want to improve your digestive health or reduce your risk of heart disease, a spoonful a day may keep the doctor away. 

Hemp hearts are tasty and nutritious, and adding them to your meals is simple. Go a step further and start a hemp garden—there’s so much to explore with this adaptable plant. However you incorporate the hearts into your life, you’re bound to see a difference.

Start the journey to a healthier future with hemp seeds today. 

Douglas Kester

Douglas Kester, a cannabis growing expert at I49 Seed Bank. He has been working in the weed industry for more than 10 years. During that period, he built up a vast experience and depth of expertise in this field. Douglas has a detailed understanding of every aspect of marijuana, from its cultivation and species to the effects it brings. He’s also up to date on all the cannabis-related legislation nuances.