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Help Your Child Fall Asleep Faster With Stella Sleep

I am not sure about you, but getting my littlest to sleep can be a challenge. It its always a challenge to get her to bed and routine is everything to a proper nights sleep, especially when the kiddos have school the next morning. Making sure that your little one gets that full nights sleep is so important to their over health and wellness too. Sleep is the time for restoration and for your child’s body to recharge and retain the information they have learned throughout the day. In fact when they get that routine in place and begin enjoying a solid nights sleep, they can end up in deep non-REM sleep and this is the time that their body is restored, growth and repair occurs and important brain development hormones are released. For these reasons I partnered with Stella Sleep to give their Stella Sleep App a try and this app provides specially produced content to help your little ones calm down, relax and ultimately fall into a nice deep sleep. They do this with stories that include relaxation techniques included in their content and all by using a broad range of magical characters that your kids will absolutely love as does my little one. Let’s take a look at all the Stella Sleep App provides and why you need to give this app a try.

Let’s take a look at this You Tube Video which showcases a story from the app. The story is ‘Theo Takes A Nap’ and it is important to take note of the calming voice reading the story to you in this one. That alone makes me very calm and relaxed which is perfect of the little ones at bedtime.

Is this not the coolest and most perfect bedtime story? My little Scarlet and I love this one and so many more too that I will share below with you but I want to point out that I love the calming voices throughout their stories. That calming and soothing voice is the perfect way to get the kids to wind down and relax when they sit to tune in and then ultimately guides them perfectly into a great nights sleep which is what it’s all about. Stella Sleep is an app designed for kids that’s safe, ad free and all based on established sleep science with the end result being an app that offers unique and beautifully created audio content, as well as beautiful images designed to help your child to relax and fall asleep.

What I love most are the stories. Together as a parent you can explore Stella Sleep’s collection of gentle, kind and magically sleepy characters and their journey towards sweet dreams and a deep, relaxing and enjoyable sleep. I always love sitting and listening in with my daughter at bedtime so that we can listen in together until she dozes off into a deep sleep. The end result is that I can say that my little one now has a regular bedtime routine thanks to Stella Sleep and I love that they are always updating and adding new stories to the mix so that we never get bored. You can see that the app is very easy to navigate and easy to use to find the perfect bedtime story each time.

Below are some of our favorites so far…….

*Kitty the Cat Makes New Friends

Kitty the Cat Makes New Friends‘ was the first story we enjoyed on Stella Sleep and it is still one of Scarlet’s favorites. ‘Kitty the Cat Makes New Friends‘ is the first story in a series for children to develop their social and emotional skills which I love and this is one that will have your little one drifting off before the story ends.

*Sandy Seahorse Saying “no”

Sandy Seahorse Saying ‘No‘ is one that Scarlet likes a lot and it is a story of Sandy Seahorse who learns to not say “no” to everything. It teaches your little one social and emotional skills which I love as well and the narrators voice is very soothing and makes us both sleepy when we listen to it. It is seriously relaxing which is the whole point as it helps her to drift off into a solid sleep in no time.

*Sandy Doesn’t Want To Go To Bed

‘Sandy Doesn’t Want To Go To Bed’ is a newer story that we recently listened too and it is a follow up to ‘Sandy Seahorse Saying ‘No‘ which Scarlet loves. I love the narrators voice in this one. Her voice is super relaxing and perfect for reading bedtime stories to the little ones. This is a wonderful social and emotional learning story that follows Sandy Seahorse as he learns to go to bed without a fuss. It is the perfect story for learning about a bedtime routine and we enjoy this one a lot.


This is one we just recently enjoyed as well and it’s perfectly named ‘Sleepville‘. This story starts off with music which is very relaxing and then the narrators voice comes in after a bit and the voice is so light and angelic. You can literally feel yourself drifting off to sleep with this one and both Scarlet and I attest to that. In this beautiful bedtime story by Stella Sleep we are taking the slow wonderful train to Sleepville, a magical village where something has happened. You are given descriptions of the surroundings as you travel which encourages you to envision it in your mind and this definitely makes you grow sleepy.

*Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates‘ is one Scarlet chose and it is a newer bedtime story that we are enjoying. This one entices you to tune into hear a story about sky pirates and their treasures and the old pirate John the Nightcap will tell you his story. I love that the app reminds your child to lie down into their bed and close their eyes… to get them relaxed and ready to listen in to the delightful story. I love how descriptive the storyteller is as well because this allows you to try and envision the place in your mind. This in combination with listening to the narrators soothing voice makes you very sleepy.

These stories all sound really cool right? I love the illustrations on the story covers as it helps to give my imagination a starting place when I listen. I love the stories and love that they are loaded with amazing details perfect for your child’s growing and curious mind. This app provides not just Sleep Stories like those above but also provides social and emotional learning, relaxing music and lullabies and relaxing sounds and narrators voices. It is truly the perfect way to establish that bedtime routine for your child easily and in a comforting and soothing way and if you use this as part of that routine, your child will be going to bed regularly without any issues at all in no time. They will love to sit with you and listen in to the latest and greatest bed time story from Stella Sleep and not only does it establish that much need bedtime routine that all kids need but is also provides amazing bonding time for parents and kids too.

So what do you think of Stella Sleep? Are you a parent and have a hard time getting your kids into a good bedtime routine? It can be a challenge for sure as we are all busy and running around all of the time so finding somthing like the Stella Sleep app that you can look forward to at night as part of your child’s bedtime routine is perfection and the best part is that it works. I love that Stella Sleep is always adding new content so that there is always something new to listen to. Check out Stella Sleep today. You can try for free to start and simply cancel if you are not happy with it BUT I know you will love it like we do. It’s the perfect way to establish that bedtime routine that is much needed for the kiddos! Make sure to check out Stella Sleep online and on social media too!

Check out Steel Sleep today on iOS for free today!


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