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Health Effects of Old Mattresses

Are you unable to sleep peacefully? Experiencing back ache? Well, these are the signs that tell you that it is the time to change your old mattress. Are you delaying the purchase of Mattresses just because it is exhausting to look for the best mattress? Well worry not, at Mattress Firm Pillows you can read the unbiased reviews of different mattresses and buy the one that is the best fit for you. 

Without any further ado, let’s talk about the health hazards that are linked to the constant use of your long mattress. 

Intense Back and Neck Pain:

Despite sleeping for 8 to 10 hours, do you still experience excruciating back and neck pain throughout the day? Are you wondering what type of mattress is best for back pain? One of the foremost factors that contribute to this can be that age old mattress that you sleep on. Everything can lose its charm over time, so can your mattress. Even if you buy the best quality queen size mattress or a Hybrid Mattress, eventually, it will sag, and it may fail to tend to your pressure points properly: one of the most significant causes of back aches. Mattresses have a life span and after that given time period, they began to lose their efficacy, and therefore, changing a mattress after a few years is imperative. Rotating your mattress or changing its side may aid you temporarily but to get rid of this problem, you must need to change your mattress.

A Bug Habitat:

Do you feel itchy sometimes when you lay down on your mattress or when you wake up? Small red marks on your skin? It might be BED BUGS! Bed Bugs bite you at night and a plethora of them can reside in your mattress without you seeing them. If you suspect that this is an issue, you can get bed bug inspections using dogs who’ll be able to find where they are hiding. You can then get an exterminator with a steam cleaner but sometimes the only solution is to throw away that old mattress of yours. Dust mites also reside in your mattress and while they don’t bite they can cause allergies. These bugs feast on the dead skin cells that we shed while sleeping and, according to several studies, it is estimated that around 10 million dust mites can reside in an old mattress. Hence, it is vital to invest in a new mattress before the population grows too much.

Development of harmful bacteria and mold:

Not only is your old bed a perfect habitat for the bed bugs, but it can also be a breeding place for hundreds of bacteria and may give result in the development of mold. You would be surprised to hear that we sweat during our sleep and shed of the dead skin cells, and the moisture of the body sweat can birth mold, if the room is not well ventilated or dark. The production of the harmful bacteria can lead to different allergies like eczema, coughing etc.  Moreover, if you suffer from asthma, breathing mold can cause respiratory issues and it may worsen your allergies.

These health issues are quite problematic and the best way to overcome these health issues, it is crucial to change your mattress. The prolonged usage of mattress can magnify the intensity of these concerns, thus to avoid any further inconveniences, it is vital to invest in a new mattress. 

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