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Hairstyles For Women Over 60 That Will Cut Off Any Age Tags

There is a misbelief that hairstyles for women over 60 are plain and boring. If you think that too, you have come to the right place. We have created the following guide to prove to women that they are welcome to flaunt stylish and trendy hair looks no matter how old they are. From pixie cuts and bobs to soft beach waves and even long intricate braids, there are tons of hairstyles to choose from. So, are you ready to get rid of prejudice? 

Pro Styling Tips To Nail Your Hair Look 

The number of chic and youthful hairstyles for women over 60 is almost endless – you can see for yourself by visiting our website LoveHairStyles. However, instead of making you look younger, sometimes they can add years to the face. So that it will not happen, simply follow the next tips:

1)Steer clear of heavy hair styling products that will make your hair look stiff and resemble a helmet.

2)Embrace the hair texture you have naturally and aim for a bouncy appearance of your locks.

3)Give your tresses movement and dimension with the help of a curling wand.  

4)Play around with a side parting, changing its position, angle and height. 

5)To infuse your hair with a youthful vibe, strive for an ultimately voluminous look.

The Best Hairstyles To Make You Young-Looking After 60

Now that you have enough insight into how to create fail-proof hairstyles for women over 60, it is time to see your options.

Piece-y Short Undercut Style

If you opt for a short haircut, then adding layers to it is a must. In that way, your hair look will gain shape and definition. Those ladies who have a round face shape should also consider adding an undercut haircut to the sides and back. This simple step will not only make your face visually longer but also give the style contrast and edge. 

Classic Bob Haircut

A bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 60 and there is a good reason behind this. While being low-key and easy to maintain, bobs always look elegant and stylish, which is what mature ladies should be seeking in their perfect hairstyle.

Mid-Length Hairstyle With Windswept Fringe

Age obviously does not come alone – it brings wrinkles. And even though modern cosmetology does work wonders for the majority of signs of aging, it does not erase them completely. That is when a fringe comes into play. As it covers your forehead, it allows you to disguise fine lines and wrinkles on it. Besides, if you push it to the side, it will also give you a relaxed windswept look. 

Textured Pixie Cut With Sideburns

Women who are over 60 often go for a textured pixie with a tapered back and extended sideburns as their haircut of choice. This style looks especially good on straight hair when accompanied by a center part and face-framing bangs. 

Voluminous Hairstyle With Highlights

The volume makes a world of difference to hairstyles for mature women and so do highlights. Joining them together guarantees that you are going to have a youthful and lively appearance without making much effort. To nail this look, you need to get highlights hand-painted in your locks and style them using a round brush and a hair dryer. 

Soft Shoulder-Length Waves

One of the best ways to camouflage the age changes on your neck is to cover them up with hair. Moreover, soft and relaxed waves will take the attention away from any skin imperfections and give your overall look a playful touch.

A Short Bob With Well-Defined Curls

Ladies in their 60s who have curly tresses should take a closer look at the short bob. Not only does it help to tame their sometimes unruly locks, but it also comes out flattering and bold. A blob of hair mousse or gel will help to define the curls for a more textured look. 

Angled Pixie Bob

Those ladies who want to spice up their look a little bit should consider getting an angled bob. In addition to making your facial features sharper and more defined, it gives your appearance a daring feel. To take your bob to the whole new level of boldness, get a taper cut on the nape. 

Now we hope that you no longer believe hairstyles for women over 60 to be inexplicit or unflattering. As you can tell, there are no age limits when it comes to your hairstyle. Just do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to try on any hair look that resonates with you. 

Source: LoveHairStyles


  • Debbie P

    I’m not 60 but I’m not a spring chicken either and I want to do something with my longer hair. The Soft Shoulder-Length Waves sounds like the way to go.

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