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Gift Ideas for the Animal Lover in the Family

People can be terribly difficult to shop for. If you‘re browsing for a loved one who’s an animal lover, though, your gift-giving gets a little less challenging. After all, there’s no shortage of presents that are perfect for anyone who loves the animal kingdom, whether they cherish their pet cat or are setting out to single-handedly save the sea turtles. 

Pet-Friendly Presents

Of course, you want every gift you give to your favorite pet parent to be one that won’t put their beloved furry friend in harm’s way. However, you can take your present a step further by getting something that’s not just non-toxic but incorporates their pet directly. For instance, you might surprise your favorite cat lover with a selection from cardboardcathomes.com, offering their kitten a special cardboard house to call home—and a place for their claws that isn‘t the arm of the sofa. These cardboard cat homes can withstand months of use and can be put in the recycling like any other cardboard pieces for an exceptionally eco-friendly detail. Both your feline friend and their human companions will love this sort of gift!

Personalized Pet Pictures

Prefer to focus on the person you’re shopping for? First, remember that their focus is, inevitably, on their pet or other animals. This sets your shopping session to easy mode, though—all you have to do is find something that can be customized with their favorite pair of puppy dog eyes. Go here, for example, to create canvas prints that shine a spotlight on their pampered pooch, or browse other custom gifts until you find one that speaks to you. Nothing says “I love you” quite like an image of their furry friend!

Faux Furry Friends

Not all animal lovers are lucky enough to have a couple of cats, dogs, or other animals in their lives at all times. Due to living situations or other factors, some people can only love their favorite creatures from afar. If that’s the case for your friend, think of ways to give them a taste of the animal companions they’re longing for. Some dementia patients, for example, have benefited from the comfort of a mechanical cat or dog. Your recipient might love a trip to a cat cafe, a plush version of their favorite animal, or even a pain-relieving hot or cold pack designed to look like a stuffed animal. 

Cruelty-Free Cooking

Many animal lovers adopt a vegetarian diet or vegan lifestyle in hopes of helping more creatures. Even if they haven’t done so, someone with a passion for the animal kingdom will surely embrace the idea of “Meatless Mondays” or a similar plant-based concept. Consider choosing a vegan cookbook for these friends and family members, helping them cook with less cruelty and more compassion. 

A Wild Animal of Their Own

Of course, you shouldn’t go find a squirrel as a surprise or rob a zoo for a particular present. However, you can find an array of symbolic animal adoptions that let you support an animal in your friend’s name. In some cases, you’ll receive a certificate, plush representation of the animal, or another tangible gift you can offer your family member. Other adoptions might support a specific animal rather than a species, offering updates and photos of this creature, in particular. Either way, your favorite animal lover will surely adore a gift that helps their beloved animals.

Shopping for your family’s animal lover doesn’t have to be a challenge, and it doesn’t require bringing home a new pet for every occasion. Instead, you can find various gift ideas that highlight their love for animals by caring for their pet, representing their passion for animals, or helping wildlife in a more general sense. 

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