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Get The Kids Involved When Cooking Yummy Meals At Home With The Help Of

With everyone home and on the hunt for things to do… I have been keeping my kids entertained and busy by getting them involved in everyday chores such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. They seem most excited about cooking which is why I have had my kids in the kitchen with me when I am baking and/or cooking delicious meals so that I can share all that I have learned over the years. Seriously… I have loved to cook since I was about 11 years old…. maybe even younger. My mom was a single mom and would work until 5 or 6 so after school I would come home and go through my moms cookbook looking for a recipe to make for her for dinner. I would try anything really…and usually it came out really delicious. I would just search for a recipe that we had all of the ingredients for and that was it…. I would make it.

My love for cooking is why I have been adamant about sharing this with my kids and which is why I have taken this opportunity of being home together to do just that. My oldest daughter is doing really well with what she has learned so far and just last night she made dinner for us and it was delicious. I found a cool website that she uses to help with measurements and conversions and honestly…. I am loving it too! It is a Recipe Ingredient Conversion Calculator that you can use when cooking and it is super helpful. I wish this had been around when I was a kid as it would have made cooking a whole lot easier. The Recipe Ingredient Conversion Calculator allows you to enter in the value you want to convert and then select what unit you want to convert it to. With this tool you can easily convert between:

*Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups and ml

*Fluid Ounces, Cup, Teacups, Glasses

*Cups to wine glasses & shot glasses to ounces

*Gallons & Liters

*Pounds & Kilograms

*Calories & Kilojoules

Pretty cool right? Well you can simply click and visit the Recipe Ingredient Conversion Calculator found at and enter in what you are looking to convert for a articular recipe or they have a handy printable that you can print and have on hand anytime that you need it.

I also love that this website offers culinary-related online games for the kiddos, especially for the younger kids. My God Daughter Scarlet is only 3 and a half so for her… while we are in the kitchen I have her playing some of the fun games that offers. She loves it and she is in the kitchen with us playing and having fun and still feeling that she is a part of the cooking process. I do let her help with little things like washing the produce and sometimes helping me mix the bowls and such…. but for the most part she just wants to play their games and I do not blame her as they are pretty fun. The site features a collection of dozens of games to help familiarize children with food, farming, cooking, the culinary arts, the restaurant business and even hospitality related careers. My favorite game so far is for sure the Open a Restaurant game and the best part about all of these games is that none of the games contain any ads or extraneous branding which can be distracting

Check out the various gaming collections that offers to help students have fun while learning in an interactive environment….

*Cooking & Kitchen Work – this game allows kids to track multiple tasks in the kitchen and learn how to follow a basic recipe.

*Food Education Games – learn about healthy foods versus unhealthy foods.

*Serving Eaters – make sandwiches or play a waiter or waitress.

*Farming – familiarizes payers with farms, farm animals, and farming.

*Other Fun Food-Themed Games – match 3 in a row, deliver food, stack pancakes and more.

So what do you think of these super fun games for the kids? What about the handy conversion tool that provides? I found this site and fell in love with it and there is so much more in terms fo games for the kids and conversion tools for dieting, weight loss, tipping at a restaurant and more. Check them out today as it is the perfect site for foodies and families! Check them out online today and get your kiddos involved!

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I like the idea of letting kids cook with you. My niece and nephews liked being able to help with cooking when they were younger. It’s a good way to expose kids to a life skill.