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Get Paid Via PayPal For Completing Surveys & More With QuickRewards PLUS A $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Ends 8/31!

I am not sure about you, but I am already getting ready for the Holidays as there is nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to do your gift shopping. For me… Halloween through New Year is my favorite time of the year and by having all of my shopping pretty much wrapped up by December 1st….I can truly enjoy the Holidays and bake and cook until my hearts content. Plus I find that it is just savvier to start early. Now starting early means you have to have the funds to do that Holiday shopping which is why I wanted to share a secret tool of mine that can help you to earn extra cash… and it is QuickRewards.


QuickRewards is a smart option for helping you make additional income that can assist you in your shopping needs. There are all kinds of survey panels, focus groups, and even market research companies that you can join and that are available on the internet to earn free hard cold cash. Now the trick is finding legitimate survey sites that you can trust and that will be worth your time. I find that survey companies, like QuickRewards really help as they send out regular emails with survey opportunities that allow you to earn extra cash and/or gift cards!

QuickRewards.net Free Rewards

With QuickRewards.net, you can do just that…. Earn some free cash! QuickRewards is a fabulous website that has been helping Americans and Canadians to just that…. Since 2002! With QuickRewards it has truly never been easier to earn free cash OR gift cards and I absolutely love that with QuickRewards you can cash out with PayPal which is my preferred payout method and literally deposit the cash straight to your bank account with absolutely no minimum threshold which is amazing in and of itself.

Now you may be wondering how QuickRewards works…. And I have to admit it is pretty simple. QuickRewards.net is a popular survey site that is completely free to join ~ all you need is an email address to get you started and signed up. Once you are signed up you can start making money by…..taking paid surveys (sometimes there will be specialized surveys targeted to your unique demographics), attempting to take paid surveys (even when you do not qualify to complete the entire survey which is pretty cool), printing grocery coupons for in-store use, signing up for trial offers, shopping online (which is my absolute favorite past time!), playing games, watching videos and so much more!


With QuickRewards you will have the chance to be a part of lots of surveys which can vary in length. There are shorter surveys as well as longer surveys and most pay around $.50 to $1 but keep in mind that at times there will be surveys that pay $10 or more so it truly pays to stay in the loop with QuickRewards by receiving their emails so that you know the latest and greatest surveys available out there. There are even some surveys that will compensate you just for trying to complete a survey… even if for some reason you did not qualify. That is something that is a bit different than other platforms I have used in the past and it speaks volumes at the earning opportunities QuickRewards provides.


Now you may be thinking… why would they pay me for a survey? Well your opinion matters and it is the perfect way for brands and companies to get some hardcore real life input in terms of market research. It is cool for us as we get to find out about newer products before they are launched and share feedback with the brands who in turn use our input to improve on those new products…and you get paid in the process!

QuickRewards Survey

Now QuickRewards is not just surveys, but rather they have several ways to earn hard cold cash. You can watch videos online and get paid for your time. There are tons of categories to choose from… think urban exploration, cars and vehicles, DIY videos, recipes, travel and more! Heck… you can even earn cash from playing games online! How cool is that? There are games that you can be rewarded for playing like crosswords (which I love!), solitaire, match-3 games and more. They even have game tournaments a few times a week so that you can earn even more in cash prizes and the best best part is that it is totally free to play.


I also just happened to stumble upon the QuickRewards.net active Facebook community and there they host contests and also share helpful tips and tricks on completing surveys for more earning potential and they even share other methods of earning cash with their platform. This Facebook group is also a great place to reach out and ask questions as they have some members that have been with them for close to two decades and they know what they are doing and can help you too.

Now you know all of the ways that you can earn extra cash with QuickRewards but you may be wondering how you can cash out and collect those rewards and the answer is simple…. PayPal! This is my preferred payment method and the best part is that there is no minimum threshold amount needed to cash out for PayPal payments… you can get paid in change if you want! That is pretty cool as many of the other platforms make you wait until you have accrued a certain amount. If you do not have PayPal…. Setting up an account is a breeze but if you prefer being compensated in the form of a gift card….you can do that too.  Think Amazon which is paid out via an e-Gift Card or have actual gift cards mailed to your home that you can use in stores like…Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Olive Garden, Walmart, Target, Disney, CVS and more… and starting at just $5.


So what do you think? Are you looking to get your Holiday shopping on and looking to earn some extra cash to do just that? Sign up for QuickRewards today to get started. I love that they have been around since 2002…almost 2 decades! That speaks volumes to me as they have been around for almost two decades, have lots of rave reviews from their partners and are trusted site that can help you to earn extra cash… when you need it the most. Every dollar adds up and I make money in various ways… and this is one of them so check out QuickRewards.net, sign up and start earning today!

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