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What Does the Future Hold for E-Cigs?

What Does the Future Hold for E-Cigs?

E-cigs have taken the world by storm in the last decade. They were first introduced in 2007 when the inventor, Hon Lik, had his production finalised by the company he worked for. The idea was thought of well back in the early 1900s, but it was Hon who had the chance to break into the market. Vape pens have already come a long way since then in terms of new designs, shapes, colours, and even e-liquid flavours, for example these provided by posh vapes look simple, but the technology inside has improved greatly from the first era of e-cigs. The future looks excellent for vape pens in terms of new technology and more flavors for consumers. Plus, with the legalization of marijuana in many states of the USA and Canada, many are now choosing to use thc vape pods as an alternative method to smoking in order to achieve a high, which is much better for lung health. However, what looks likely to change in the world of e-cigs?

Could E-Cigs Face Competition?

As with technology in any industry around the world, all businesses and manufacturers are faced with competition. However, there doesn’t seem to be a competitor as far as e-cigs are concerned other than cigarettes themselves. So, could we see a strong competitor with advanced technology knocking on e-cigs door in the near future? It would definitely take something special from someone, but it’s not impossible. After all, no one ever thought an e-cig would compete with the tobacco/cigarettes industry, but it already has.

Could Advancing Technology Alter E-Cig Designs & Materials?

Most e-cigs are designed and developed using similar materials, but as technology advances, we could soon see different materials being used. Not only could we see this in terms of better technology, but also manufacturers that are looking to better the experience for users might look towards materials other than metal and plastic to help them. We’re in the age currently where manufacturers are trying to make products as ergonomic as possible, so that could well change for e-cigs in the near future.

A Competitive Industry for Manufacturers

The e-cig industry is already competitive with all manufacturers looking to create the best e-cig in the world. However, could we see a stronger industry in the future that provides many more manufacturers with a way to get their foot in the door? If new technology comes about, or a new product competes with e-cigs all together, could we see a much stronger industry for manufacturers? If a strong competitor comes into play, will a lot of the manufacturers that serve the e-cigs industry opt for the new industry instead?

What Will Change for E-Juices?

We’ve already had access to some of the weird and wonderful e-juice flavors out there, but what does the future hold for e liquid products themselves? Could we see new ingredients come into play to compete with the ones that are already highly sought-of? Will manufacturers find new ways to produce e-juices in an efficient manner? Currently, manufacturers use expensive high-end mechanical products to produce e-liquids, but the technology in that respect could well change, too. The health industry is thriving at the moment, and that could mean further health benefits for e-cig users.

Futuristic Additions

Some e-cigs are already leagues above their competitors in the sense that they have better features, but what features could we see in the future? People are already manually filling up their own e-cigs with their favorite juices, so could we soon see a product that does this automatically? Who knows, in the near future we could well see e-cigs that are powered by themselves rather than by batteries.

Whichever way you look at the e-cig industry, it looks fantastic for everyone involved. Experts believe the e-cig industry is set to boom over the next few years and, although it’s a well-known industry these days, it’s still expected to become much more popular in countries worldwide – and even with those who don’t currently have a smoking habit.

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