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Furry Friends: 5 French Bulldog Facts to Know Before Adopting

When it comes to the most popular dog breeds in the US, French bulldogs claim the second spot right after Labrador retrievers.

If you’re thinking about adopting one of these adorable pups, you’re not alone. However, it’s important to know about the breed so you can care for your new pet. Start by learning five French bulldog facts you need to know before adopting.

1. Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Some dog breeds are prone to obstructive breathing due to the shape of their face, throat, and muzzle. Brachycephalic breeds, which means “short-headed,” include the English bulldog and the French bulldog, among others. Due to this, it’s important to avoid strenuous exercise, which can overexert your Frenchie.

Pay attention to the weather and be especially careful when walking or exercising your French bulldog on hot or humid days.

2. They Can’t Swim

Keep an eye on your Frenchie around pools and bodies of water as they can’t swim. This is due to the shape of their body and their small size.

While they can easily overheat, you shouldn’t let them near the water as it can be dangerous for your pup. There are specially designed life jackets for French bulldogs, but keep in mind their short snout can make breathing and swimming difficult.

3. Stick to Positive Reinforcement

Frenchies can be sensitive dogs, and negative criticism can really impact them. Instead, try using positive reinforcement when training your French bulldog and encourage them when they do well.

They can be a mischievous breed but really want a lot of love.

This breed responds well to training when food is involved, but be careful not to overindulge them. You can also turn training into a game to interest your French bulldog.

4. They Make Great Companions

French bulldogs make excellent companions for families, children, and even other pets. Their temperament is often described as very chill or laid back. Make sure they’re properly socialized and train them early on.

The ideal owners for a French bulldog are kind, patient, loving, and have a sense of humor to appreciate their comical nature. Frenchies adore human interaction, and they make great lap dogs.

If you want a Frenchie with a unique coat, consider a Merle French bulldog.

5. Taking Care of Your Frenchie

French bulldog care includes weekly brushing, regular teeth cleaning, and a bath about once a month to avoid drying out the natural oils on their skin.

French bulldogs are susceptible to viral and bacterial infections, but you can prevent many of these through vaccinations. Obesity can also be a problem with this breed, so keep an eye on their weight and avoid giving them table scraps. Instead, feed them love with some belly rubs or a brushing.

French Bulldog Facts to Prepare You for Your Pup

There you have it, five French bulldog facts and tips to help you prepare for your new pet. If you choose to adopt this lovable breed, you’ll welcome a loyal companion to your home.

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