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Fun Gift Ideas for Your Hard to Shop for Friend 

There are people who you love to shop for and finding things for them is so easy and then there is that friend who you can never figure out what to get them. If you are sick of getting them gift cards and stressing over the perfect gift then you have come to the right place. Check out these fun gift ideas that would make even the pickiest friend happy.  


For the Ladies

This gift idea may be a little outside the box, but totally fun. Get the lady in your life or your rave going friend some booty shorts for women. They will be surprised and love it. Pick from a variety of colors, styles, and themes for any occasion. Shop from an affordable selection of fun outfits. Make her feel good, empowered, and confident. You and your friend could get some sexy matching outfits and hit the rave. Gift her a fun photoshoot in your new outfits for a fun memory you will never forget.

For the Pet Lover 

If you have a friend who’s dog is their life then this gift idea is for them. Wild One offers a wide selection  of high quality dog essentials for your everyday needs or for taking your dog on the go. Grab them a matching walking kit that comes with a harness or collar, leash, poop bags, a toy, and a bag to carry everything in. This company is dedicated to making products for dogs and people love to make everyday a little better. For every product purchased, their goal is to help rescue a dog a day. Support a great cause and get a great gift. 

 Better- For-You Soda

Health has been trending for several years and everyone is looking for ways to kick bad habits, like soda, and add a little more nutrition in their diets. Now with Vina, they can have the soda they crave without the added sugar, chemicals, and guilt. Packed full of powerful prebiotics and  trace minerals, this vegan and non-GMO certified beverage is the smarter way to drink soda. Choose from a variety of delicious flavors and get it shipped straight to your door. Give your friend the gift of a healthy gut microbiome and a delicious beverage.  

For Your Hero

Serving our country through the military is a sacrifice and truly honorable. Show your country serving friend how thankful you are for their sacrifice by giving them military awards. This gift will surely be unexpected, but will mean the absolute world to them. Choose from a variety of options from esprit de corps gear, clothing, drinkware, home and office, awards, and even golf attire. Honor them with a gift that will be priceless to them. 

Home Spa Experience 

This is always a great gift idea because everyone uses shower and bath supplies. Upgrade your bathing experience with a sponge with soap for a luxurious experience. Some nice body wash, hand care, or foot care will give anyone a night to treat themselves. Choose from several different collections, scents, and assortments to please anyone’s preferences. Throw in a scented candle, a bottle of wine, a yummy snack, and a good book for the ultimate night of relaxation. Give your friend the gift of self care and relaxation. 

The Universal Gift

Did you know socks are the universal gift? Everyone uses them year round, they come in different styles and fun patterns, and are the perfect addition to a cozy evening in. If you have never heard of Merino wool socks they are a great option. A great sock will be moisture wicking, made from natural material, temperature regulating, anti microbial, and odor resistant. These socks do all of this and are made of high quality wool and fine strands of active natural fiber. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor activities all year round. You can also wash them on delicate and lay them flat to dry. Nice socks are an investment that many people feel silly investing in, so this would make a great gift. 

 Funny T-Shirts 

Funny graphic t-shirts have become increasingly popular in recent years. You can find them with references to your favorite movies and shows, holidays, your favorite things, songs, and the list could go on. Search Gasparilla shirts for a funny t-shirt that reminds you of your friend. This silly and personal gift is sure to bring a smile to their face and bring them joy every time they wear it. Even if they are hard to shop for, with a selection as large as theirs you are sure to find something any friend would love. If you think they would not wear a t-shirt, they also have a large selection of tank tops, hoodies, ugly holiday sweaters, mugs, hats, and socks. You could even pick out a variety of things for them to enjoy. 

A Tasty Treat 

Everyone loves to eat, and a tasty treat from Goldbelly is a great option. Choose from a large selection of dinners, deserts, bagels, cakes, meal kits, and so much more. They offer a wide selection of foods for every holiday including specialty cakes, cookies, and gift sets along with traditional meals. Make any holiday or birthday extra special by ordering something special. They even offer snacks and meals for football season including cooked meats, wings, nachos, pizza, desserts, pretzels, and popcorn. Truly they have any occasion or food preference covered. Order in and enjoy all the perks of a restaurant without the hassle. You could even cater a small gathering or party. 

Make a Memory 

While store bought gifts are great, you can also find an activity they love and do something together. Perhaps they have a favorite sports team that you could go see a game together, take them to a movie, out to dinner, or to a new city and go exploring. Plan a fun photo shoot and get them a new outfit. If they love animals, you could go to a zoo or to an aquarium. For the plant lovers, a botanical garden is always a beautiful way to spend the day.   

 Make Shopping Fun

Finding the perfect gift for someone is the best feeling, so shopping for someone who is hard to shop for can feel frustrating and disappointing. These are just a few suggestions that anyone would love, but try not to stress too much over the perfect gift. Most people appreciate that you are thinking of them and are grateful for anything. Get creative and have fun while you shop. Another great tip is shopping for the important people in your life throughout the year whenever you see something that makes you think of them. This will take away the stress or finding a great gift last minute, and you will already have the most perfect gift on hand. You can also save money by shopping throughout the year so gift purchases are spread out and less of a financial burden. This allows you to pick out nicer gifts for those you love most. 

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