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Fragrance Your Home With GuruNanda’s Aromatherapy Natural Mist™ Room Spray’s

Fragrance Your Home With GuruNanda’s Aromatherapy Natural Mist™ Room Spray’s

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I enjoy wonderful fragrances and scents in my home as it helps to create a cozy and warm atmosphere that my family and I can appreciate each and every day. GuruNanda has been my “go-to” for my essential oil and home fragrancing needs which is why I was so excited to try their new line of Natural Mist™ Room Spray’s as they are the convenient way to enjoy amazing fragrance and the benefits of essential oils in a fabulous spray.

I am a fan of GuruNanda as they take pride in bringing 100% pure and essential oils from farm to you with nothing added and nothing removed. Their new Natural Mist Room Sprays are no exception and each room spray is made form 100% natural essential oil blends that are sure to bring peace and comfort to any space you use it in. Also… with these fabulous bottles you receive the best mister around and you will experience 360 degree, continuous stream of spray with no sputtering.

Let’s Check Out The 4 Unique Scent Blends:

Jasmine & Rosemary

Lemongrass, Lime & Basil

Spearmint, Patchouli & Cedarwood

Lavender, Orange, & Vanilla

GuruNanda’s Aromatherapy Natural Mist™

Natural Mist Air Spray: 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils carefully selected to provide your home with beautiful, refreshing, and therapeutic scents.360° Functionality: Easily spray your Natural Mist Air Spray continuously even when you turn it upside down!

Continuous Mist: The built-in air funnel technology allows you spray continuously without taking your finger off the spray nozzle.

Four Natural Scents: Let your senses feel the aromatic mist of natural essential oils blended together in four different ways. These natural scents remain in the air for long periods of time, keeping you refreshed & relaxed.

Low Carbon Footprint: GuruNanda is proud to produce all-natural room spray that utilizes planet-friendly packaging and produces an extremely small carbon footprint.

So what do you thing of GuruNanda’s Natural Mist™ Room Spray’s? Are they not simply fabulous? I love them and know that you will as well because they provide fabulous fragrance that last for quite a while… unlike any other room spray that I have used. As do all GurNanda products… these refreshing prays make an amazing gift for others or for yourself!  WEBSITE ~ FACEBOOK ~ TWITTER ~ INSTAGRAM ~ PINTEREST

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