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Four ways to upgrade your yard for summer

Photo by Jennifer Marcus on Unsplash

As the height of summer comes in with hot temperatures and long days, you’re probably spending more time than usual in your back yard. This might especially be the case this year, with coronavirus restrictions limiting people’s movements. Whether you’re planning a barbecue or a cookout or simply want to relax outside with a glass of wine, your yard will often become an extension of your indoor living space. However, what if your back yard is more junkyard than outside haven? Here are four ways you can upgrade your yard for summer.

1)Add a porch

Adding a porch to your property is a sure-fire way of turning your yard into an outdoor living space. The shade provided by a porch allows you to enjoy the summer heat away from the glare of the sun, and you can install ceiling fans to help you keep cool. The shelter provided by a porch really does allow you to enjoy the outdoors not just in the dry summer weather, but also when it’s raining, and even in the more temperate fall and spring seasons. With the installation of outside heaters, you could even use your porch during the winter.

2)Yard accessories

If you’re planning on getting more use out of your yard, you should invest in some yard accessories. An attractive set of yard furniture, for example, will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style and are available in a variety of designs to suit your tastes and requirements. A classic table, chairs, and parasol set provide the essentials for outdoor summer living. If you are planning on working on your tan, a sun lounger is essential – along with a parasol to ward off harmful UV rays. Or, for an up-to-date 1970s meets 2020 look, opt for a hanging egg chair.


Make 2020 the year you take the plunge and invest in a pool. Available in a variety of styles, at a variety of prices, you can be sure to find a pool to suit your taste and budget. For instance, for a natural look, pools can be landscaped into your yard – an option that is best if you are planning a complete yard overhaul as this will involve a lot of disruption. Alternatively, you can purchase a swimming pool as a tub, a design commonly found in Jacuzzis and hot tubs. 

4)Add some greenery 

There’s nothing very inspiring about a yard that is mainly gravel and asphalt. Adding some greenery in the form of a lawn, trees, and garden plants will help to reconnect with nature, creating a relaxing outdoor idyll. Bring in a landscape gardener if you are unsure of your horticulture skills, or create your garden yourself by introducing the plants that you like. You might want to choose, for instance, pretty magnolias, or palm trees for a tropical look. However, it’s essential to consider your climate and soil type to ensure that your garden thrives.