Fixing up a house in Florida
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Fixing Up A House in Florida

The weather, the water, the beaches, and the delicious cuisine in Florida make it an enticing place to live. People move here from far and wide, and the housing market is booming. New beautiful homes are popping up all over the state, from Monticello to Jacksonville. For some, what really grabs their attention are the architectural treasures that lie old and sleepy under the bald cypress trees. These magnificent old homes are revered in their architectural mastery and timeless craftsmanship. The diverse nature and architectural styles of Florida’s homes make it a wonderful place to start a fixer-upper project. If you are looking to start a fixer-upper project and turn one of these old gems into your perfect Floridian home, here are a few pointers to get you started.  

First Find Your New Home

First things first, you need to explore the different real estate websites to see what is on offer. From here, you will gauge prices and areas you might want to live in. There is nothing more exciting than exploring different websites to find your potential new home. If you are really keen on a fixing up challenge, a more run-down house, selling at a lower value is perfect. 

Plan for the renovation costs 

Fixing up your home isn’t free. Therefore, before you start opening up tins of paint and stripping off the wallpaper, you need to budget and plan all costs. As you will quickly realize, renovation costs do not come cheap. The bigger your home, the more expensive it could be, too. If you need financial assistance, Sachem Lending offers loans and solutions to your real estate needs, whether you are looking to fix and flip or just want to carry out expensive construction work to make your home safe. 


Once you have located your property and the money, the fixing can begin. Do not be daunted by this task. The options to spruce up an old home are endless. A new lick of paint can brighten up any home. For example, painting doors and ceilings can breathe air into a once-old dilapidated space. 

Treating the floors 

Many of these gorgeous homes in Florida are made with wonderful wood. A feature you do not want to get rid of. To add a renewed vigor to the space, treating and sanding the floors will make them look as good as new. 

Open plan design

When it comes to interior design and open plan layout is the perfect complement to beautiful architecture. The space will become airy, light, and spacious by removing interior walls and creating a free-flowing room. A successful scheme requires careful planning. One way to do this is by creating different functional zones, marking out zones using structural furniture and painting accents, e.g., one grey wall in the living space and a bright colour in the kitchen. 

Plan out the rooms 

What can help in the renovations is knowing exactly what each room’s purpose serves. This can help you figure out the layout of your home but also work out which rooms need to be prioritized. This ensures that you get to enjoy your home much faster. 

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