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Five Ideas for a Romantic Picnic

A romantic picnic date can be a relaxed event, allowing you to truly enjoy each other’s company while enjoying time apart in nature. To create the right atmosphere, a little planning can go a long way.

Let’s look at five easy tips to make sure that your picnic goes smoothly so that you can enjoy every minute of it with your partner.

Find the Right Location

The beautiful thing about a picnic is that the scenery around you goes a long way in setting the mood. You want somewhere somewhat secluded but well maintained so that it isn’t crawling with too many insects. Lots of public parks have spots like these.

When it comes to picnics, don’t hesitate to think outside the box and make it personal. For instance, why not pick a spot in view of somewhere meaningful to you, like where you first met? Or, why not include a picnic with another favorite activity. For instance, if you and your sweetie are into art museums, you can picnic on the front lawn and then go inside for a special exhibit. 

Coming home to a surprise picnic in the backyard or even the living room can be just as enticing as more traditional locations. 

Pack Your Basket

Of course, you can’t skip the details. For instance, choose plates, napkins, and other materials that match your blanket. 

Even when away from home, try not to use disposable items. Using real cutlery adds an air of elegance to your picnic. Little extras – non-flame candles, cloth napkins, and the like – can add to the romantic atmosphere.

Think About Comfort

Picnics are romantic, but not if your body is uncomfortable. Think about how you’ll sit, lounge, and lean; then pack accordingly. Bring along cushions. Grab some camp chairs. Splurge on a portable hammock.

Choose the Right Food and Drink

It isn’t a picnic without delicious food and drink to wash it down. What you pack to eat is arguably the most critical element of your picnic date.

Finger foods are ideal. Choose some elegant, fancy cheese, crackers, bread, fruits, gourmet nuts, and olives. Cut sandwiches up into small triangles. Bring along one-bite or two-bite desserts. 

When you arrive, lay everything out before you begin snacking. This style of eating – small bites, experimenting with flavor pairings, and more – encourages taking your time. Plus, it’s romantic to feed bites to each other.

For drinking, red wine doesn’t need to be chilled, which makes it less fussy than white wine. Try a high-quality cabernet sauvignon: this sweeter red wine pairs well with picnics.

Take Your Time

Choose a time for your picnic when you have at least a few hours, ideally the rest of the day. All of the elements of your picnic are geared to taking your time, so make sure you do just that.

The essential element in creating romance is that it’s meaningful and memorable for you as a couple and that you can be fully present. Use these tips, make them your own, and above all, enjoy your romantic picnic!

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