Facts About Vaping You Need to Know

Vaping has only been around for a decade or so, which means there is still a lot to learn about our new favorite hobby. That being said, what we do already know might not be widely known by everyone, which is where this article comes in handy.

Here are some important facts that every vaper or new vaper should be aware of.

Vaping Can Be Just as Addictive as Smoking

While vaping cuts out a lot of the nasty added extras that come along with smoking, there is still one primary ingredient that both vaping and smoking cigarettes have in common—and that is the nicotine! 

While there is the option to omit nicotine and choose from a variety of nicotine-free e-juices, those who are vaping to ease the transition of quitting smoking will more than likely need some nicotine to help level them out.

Unless there is a conscious decision to slowly decrease the nicotine levels, those who are vaping can end up with a different kind of habit! Because nicotine is addictive, it does not matter by what means it gets into the bloodstream, as long as it gets in there—which can leave people who use nicotine e-juices susceptible to continuing their addiction (or starting a new one).

There is also the danger of vapers consuming more nicotine than regular smokers because of how convenient vaping is, and also because of the varying nicotine e-juice doses that can be purchased in contrast to standard cigarette strength, so this is definitely a point to keep an eye on.

There are Different Vaping Laws in Different Countries

Before jetting off on that much-needed holiday, it is first extremely important that you check the vaping laws and customs  of the place you are visiting, if not for the sole reason of keeping you out of trouble! Did you know, vaping is illegal in some countries? While the US has a relatively open approach to vaping, this does not translate to all countries, so be sure to check ahead before putting your vape in your flight bag! 

E-Cigarettes Are Regulated

Often we hear about how we all have no clue what is put into e-cigarettes, and that they are not regulated. Thankfully, this is just a myth. The US has some of the most stringent regulations for e-cigarettes over the globe, which come under The Public Health Law Center, so you can rest assured that you are not just putting “anything” into your body as some claims say! 

Labeling and packaging are also required to inform the consumer of all ingredients and percentages so they can make informed choices. 

Second-Hand Vapor is Not Dangerous

On the contrary to second-hand smoke, second-hand vapor is not dangerous to anybody who stands near a vaper. 

One of the reasons that second-hand smoking is so bad for others is because of the actual smoke, which contains around 7,000 chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic to the human body, with around 100 of them being able to cause cancer. This, of course, unsurprisingly decreases the air quality for those who are near a smoker or in the same room as them and can cause issues in the long run. 

Passive vaping, however, has so far shown no significant risk to any air quality amongst bystanders or to human health. And if you stand next to a vaper, you might be lucky enough to catch a whiff of a scent you love instead, such as cookies and cream or tropical juice! 

Popcorn Lung is Not a Worry 

Popcorn lung (a nickname for bronchiolitis obliterans) is a lung disease that got its name from a bunch of popcorn factory workers who were working with a substance called diacetyl when they started facing some unpleasant symptoms after consistently breathing it in. Diacetyl was used as a flavoring for microwave popcorn. Although it has been banned in Europe it is still amongst the legal ingredients in the US, so just be aware of this when buying your e-juice.

While vaping and e-cigarette products are not risk-free, so far vaping shows promising results in terms of helping people who already smoke, quit, and is significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

That being said, it is important to note that popcorn lung is extremely rare, and there are no direct ties to popcorn lung from vaping. This concern came about from a study that just tested the levels of diacetyl in different brands and flavors of e-juices, but did not go further to experiment on whether there was an actual link between vaping and the substance.

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