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As a busy mom, and I know all busy moms can relate…. I find myself constantly on the go running the kids to and from school, making breakfast, packing & prepping lunches, cleaning the house, prepping for dinner, taking care of my furry family members, helping the kids with their homework, getting the kids bathed and ready for bed and on and on I can go. Keep in mind that I am doing all of this while working full time from home and trying to find a second for myself to actually relax which seems impossible in the midst of all that has to be done each and every day. With all that we do as busy moms and dads……. who has the time to get sick?!? I know that I don’t and add to that all of the new added complications with Covid and the added lockdowns and mandates, it is more important than ever to stay healthy and strong and to utilize the convenient services of online Telehealth companies like Antidote Health. Antidote Health Telehealth services are perfection for the busy lives we live today and it is truly the better choice in this day and age, as you can see a doctor from the comfort of your own home and not have to worry about sitting in a doctors office with other sick patients. It just makes sense and it is not only amazingly convenient but also affordable making it the perfect solution for anyone that is uninsured as well.

antidote health

Last week I was feeling a little under the weather while visiting our new home in Pennsylvania. I occasionally have issues with UTI’s and know the symptoms very well and since I do not happen to have a primary care doctor in our new area in PA, I decided to utilize the services of Antidote Health. I simply went online to Antidote Health and took advantage of the amazing services that they provide. I was able to hop online via a quick online video call with a doctor at Antidote Health and within minutes she had provided me with a prescription and I was able to go right to our local Walgreens to pick it up. I truly appreciated that and after having used their service the one time…. I am extremely comfortable with their professionalism and will continue utilizing their services as needed. The best part for me was that I was able to see a doctor within 5 minutes and at anytime of the day or night which is the ultimate in convenience.

antidote health

A bit about Antidote Health:

Antidote Health’s mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans and their vision is a world in which every human being has access to affordable quality healthcare regardless of race, location, or circumstance. This is especially important to me as I too have gone without healthcare insurance at some point in my life and there is nothing more scary. Antidote Health is not healthcare insurance but rather a healthcare service that offers monthly subscriptions. They use their ability to combine state of the art technology with a great human experience which provides its users a solid technological foundation comprised of AI and machine learning tools and decades of emergency care experience via quality doctors. They simply want to live up to their mission of providing the best healthcare possible to all Americans at affordable prices…. anywhere and at anytime. They offer Primary and Urgent Care visits to patients in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Prices are normally $49 to see a doctor and they now have Individual Plans starting at $29 per month and Family Plans at $49 per month!

antidote health

The Way It Works:

You simply download the Antidote Health telemedicine app (iOS & Android) and get started immediately or you can log into Antidote Health via their website. Antidote Health’s advanced AI based platform will ask you a few simple questions about your symptoms and medical records before you see the doctor. You can then schedule a doctor appointment for a time that is convenient to you or you can see a doctor right away like I did. The doctor will then see you live on a video call, chat with you a bit and then diagnose any symptoms in real time. Once you’ve chatted with the doctor a bit, they will send a prescription for you to your local pharmacy or provide a script for any test or referral that you may need to get to feeling better ASAP. It really does not get any easier than that!

Take a look at this You Tube video which gives you an idea of what makes Antidote health the perfect choice & why so many others are loving it like I do.

The Plan Features (Individual & Family):

*DOCTOR VISIT: See a doctor anytime, day or night via a video call without leaving the comfort of your home or office. You will be able to connect with a doctor within minutes for diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, advice, referrals, or work notes.

*PRESCRIPTIONS: The Plus plans include the prescription medications that the doctor prescribes during your visit, and any renewal of existing prescriptions that you have from other doctors.

*MULTIPLE DOCTOR VISITS: With this plan you can visit a doctor anytime that you choose and as often as you need, all included in the monthly price of your plan. Once you have used 12 visits in a one-year individual plan or after 20 visits for family plans….. you will be charged $15 per visit starting on the 13th or 21st visits.

*RECORDS ACCESS: Your medical records are all stored in one place for you and your family to access and for the doctor to reference. You can download and take your records with you easily and anytime that you want to.

*MEDICATIONS INCLUDED: Antidote Health pays for most common acute and primary care medications without a fee. You literally see the doctor via Antidote Health, get the prescription you need prescribed to you and then Antidote Health pays for the medication(s). When medications are not covered, they work hard to find the cheapest drugs for your condition to save you the most money.

*MANAGE FAMILY MEMBERS: Through your account profiles you have the ability to add family members, set permissions for minors and schedule appointments for those family members.

*3-WAY VIDEO CALLS: Make three-way video calls to your doctor with another family member from any location. Join a doctor visit for a child away at school, an elderly parent living elsewhere or from your office without leaving work.

*DESIGNATED DOCTOR: Choose a designated doctor for your family from one of Antidote Health’s highly trained, professional physicians. Your doctor will be your family doctor and will get to know you and your family’s needs and help you to stay healthy and meet your health goals over time.

antidote health
Pretty amazing right? I love Antidote Health’s Telehealth doctor visits as they are truly convenient, their prices are the most affordable in the market and you can virtually see a doctor within minutes. I absolutely love that they have individual plans and family plans too as my primary doctor will leave me sitting in the office for over an hour, and then I can wait up to another 20 or 30 minutes once in the room. That is a lot of wasted time that I do not have which is why Antidote Health is my new go to for my doctor visit needs plus add to that I can see a doctor in the comfort of my own home…. and it’s truly a win win.

antidote health

So what do you think of Antidote Health and their online Telehealth services that are especially convenient in this day and age? Is this something that you can see yourself using? I have had many virtual visits with my own doctors in the past two years due to Covid and the lockdowns so Telehealth services are something that I am comfortable with now as it is so convenient. Not having to go into a room full of sick patients in order to see a doctor is everything to me right now and the reason that I am loving the services that Antidote Health provides. Add to that the best pricing in the market so that even uninsured patients can afford to get quality care from amazing doctors is everything to me as I have myself been uninsured in the past and there is truly nothing more stressful than not being able to pay to see a doctor. Check out Antidote Health today for all of your healthcare needs and take advantage of the savvy savings available to my readers for a limited time….. simply use the code SAVVY for your first doctor visit at Antidote Health for only $24.50 OR amazing deals listed below for their Individual or Family subscriptions!

Use code SAVVY to save 50% OFF Antidote Health’s Savvy Prices!

*Doctor visit – $49 standard price – $24.50 with code SAVVY 

*Individual Subscription – $29 per month – $14.50 first month with code SAVVY 

*Family Subscription – $49 per month – $24.50 first month with code SAVVY 

Download the App at the Apple App Store HERE or Google Play HERE.

antidote health


This is a sponsored post for Antidote Health and I received product or compensation for an honest and unbiased review. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Antidote Health.


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