Enjoy Seasonal Probiotics Delivered To Your Door With Jetson! @WeAreJetson @SMGurusNetwork

Enjoy Seasonal Probiotics Delivered To Your Door With Jetson! @WeAreJetson @SMGurusNetwork

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With the New Year around the corner, I am looking to continue my health and wellness journey and to even kick it up a notch in 2020 by using Probiotics that will help with my bodies gut health. I am talking about Jetson Seasonal Probiotics and I am super excited to share them with you all as their approach is very different and I am loving it! Jetson is the world’s first seasonal probiotic and each and every month, Jetson delivers a fresh probiotic to your door and they change up the formulations each season which is what makes them so effective yet so different. 

We all know by now that probiotics are an amazing thing for your gut health and the best thing for your gut is exposure to as many strains as possible which is the exact reason that Jetson rotates its strains every season to deliver exactly that. With one subscription, Jetson delivers over 20 strains. The diversity of strains is crucial in achieving gut health and most probiotics that you see on store shelves, offer the same four strains all year round and which is why Jetson is my new “go-to” for my probiotic needs.

Jetson also believes that freshness matters. A probiotic is comprised of good bacteria(aka bugs) and in order for those good bacteria to be effective, they need to be alive and fresh. Probiotics do decline over time due to heat and moisture exposure and this is a big problem seeing that brands sit on store shelves for months, making them not fresh and not as effective and which is the reason Jetson does it differently. Jetson delivers your probiotics fresh, directly to your front door every month which I love and I also love knowing that I am using the freshest probiotics available.

Besides being fresh and seasonal, Jetson sets itself apart by being very different than the other 450 probiotic brands available on the market. Jetson uses Synergistic Elements to give your body what it needs during different times of the year, by adding nutrients like Vitamin C and Echinasea to their various formulations. I also love that they produce their products in small batches which allows them to use the latest strains available for their probiotics and that they design their products to make it past the stomach unlike traditional probiotics. Jetson’s probiotics make it past the harsh stomach environment, and dissolve quickly in the intestines where they were meant to be.

So what do you think of Jetson Seasonal Probiotics? Are you like me and looking to kick up your families health and wellness in 2020? Are you looking to use the best of probiotics available on the market today? Then look no further than Jetson Seasonal Probiotics. Jetson is looking to help Americans live healthier lives through the power of advanced probiotics and their products are amazing so check them out online and on social media today. Order your first box to see the difference for yourself. Jetson delivers you fresh seasonal probiotics that will provide you with the results you’re looking for so check them out today!


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