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Enjoy Multi Purpose Technology On-The-Go & Anywhere With FLOWS ~ Premium Audio Sunglasses

I am super excited to share my latest review with you guys for FLOWS ~ Premium Audio Sunglasses as they are awesome! FLOWS Audio Sunglasses are perfection for the busy lives that we all live today as they are glasses that work with you and that provide multi purpose technology for on-the-go use. Seriously… what is better than that?! They not only look really good on you when wearing them but you will also enjoy quality immersive sound and amazing protection from the UV Rays wherever you go. These glasses simply connect to any Blue Tooth device to begin enjoying your favorite music or podcasts PLUS you can use the built-in microphone to enable you to enjoy hands-free calls with clarity! Wherever you are…. you will be able to enjoy the freedom of listening to your favorite music all while not disturbing the people around you…. which is awesome.

You may be wondering how do the FLOWS Bandwidth Premium Audio Sunglasses work? Well simply put… they are audio glasses with sound directional transmission technology that accurately project sound to you while also allowing you to safely hear your surroundings. I really like this as you can use them for walking and running all while enjoying your favorite music BUT you are able to hear everything else that is going on around you if need be. I also love that you can exercise without worrying about losing your earbuds plus they are so much more comfortable to wear than earbuds as they can drive me crazy in all honesty as they never truly fit right.

Another thing that I love about the FLOWS Bandwidth Premium Audio Glasses is that they look amazing on both men and women. FLOWS comes in 2 styles ….. the BRUNO’S & the TAYLOR’S. They are both good looking and they are both Unisex styles. This is perfection for me and my husband as we are kind of sharing them at the moment. He likes to use them when working around the house and also outdoors… and I like them for my walks and running and due to their unisex styling we both look good when using them.

Another feature about these sunglasses from FLOWS that I love is that they have fully polarized and tinted lenses. This is a big one for me as I love polarized lenses as they help my eyes to relax when outdoors, even on the sunniest of days. I also love that the lenses easily pop in and out, making them interchangeable. FLOWS carries a lens pack that you can purchase to go with your glasses making the lenses interchangeable. This is s super cool feature as you will now not only have amazing sunglasses to wear and use anytime that you need them… but with the addition of the lens pack…… you can enjoy Blue Light protection as you receive a set of Blue Light lenses in the lens pack PLUS Sapphire Blue lenses and Gold Ruch colored lenses for stylish change n the look overall.

Another feature I love about FLOWS Audio Sunglasses is the price! I am a savvy shopper, so I like getting the best deals possible and FLOWS are only $149.00! Seriously…… that is a steal as I have paid more for a good pair of polarized sunglasses, non the less polarized sunglasses that provide me the polarized protection that I am looking for all while allowing me to enjoy my favorite tunes!

Other features that make FLOWS stand out against the competition:

*Harman Kardon mini speakers technology

*Prescription ready

*Frames: TR-90 nylon with IPX2 water resistant rating

*Lenses: Impact- and scratch-resistant premium flexible plastic

*Built in multidirectional microphone

*Bluetooth range: 50 ft (15 m) 

*Open ear Audio engineering

*Bluetooth version: 5.1

*Battery life: Up to 5 hours

*Battery charging time: Up to 1 hour

*Battery charge method: Proprietary 4-pin charging cable

*No apps Needed.  Seamlessly connect to your devices Bluetooth connection

*Navigation Ready

*Sleek and durable packaging

*Only $149.00 not $249.00 like competitors

So what do you think of the FLOWS Premium Audio Glasses? Do you love listening to music as much as I do throughout the day? Do you enjoy a good pair of polarized sunglasses? Well with the FLOWS you get the best of both worlds and they will truly revolutionize your way of listening to music and the way that you communicate on your phone in general. Go ahead and break free and find the perfect pair of FLOWS glasses today! Check them out online and on social media too!


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