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Enjoy a SOPHisticated & Worry-Free Manicure With SOPHi By Piggy Paint

This year has been full of changes for me and my family because of Coronavirus…some good and some bad. The bad side is that I am need of seeing my mom who is older, but until there is a vaccine I will have to settle with phone calls and Skyping in order to keep her safe. The good side is that I am saving money as I am not going to the nail salon to have my nails done but rather I am doing them myself. I am painting my own nails and my kids nails and honestly… if you find a good nail polish line…. you can do your nails at home and they will look as if you stepped out of the nail salon. I also love the bonding time spent with my girls…painting our nails. This is the reason I had to share SOPHi and their line of water based nail polishes that look amazing and all while being non toxic, virtually odorless, cruelty free, Vegan and Eco-friendly and made right here in the USA. It truly does not get any better than that and I cannot wait to show you a sampling of their gorgeous colors as well as their Prime + Shine + Seal System for extended wear.Check out the video below…. 


I received a few products to try from SOPHi and I have to say I am obsessed! I received their Fallin’ For You 4 Piece Nail Polish Collection, their Fir Sure Nail Polish, their Prime + Shine + Seal System which is everything….. and their fabulous Nail Polish Remover Sticks.

I am obsessed with SOPHi’s Fallin’ For You 4 Piece Nail Polish Collection that provides the most gorgeous colors for my nails and that will match all of my fall outfits perfectly… and honestly they are colors I will use all year long! They are stunning and you receive 4 beautiful SOPHi colors….SKinny Dip + Chips, Boyfriend Abroad, Eiffel of Love, and FEET-ured Attraction. As with all SOPHi Nail Polishes….  they are an advanced water-based formula that is virtually odorless, cruelty-free, & vegan. What this means is you will enjoy a nail polish line that leaves nails healthy and that doesn’t cause them to yellow or become brittle. I especially love this as SOPHi by Piggy Paint allows health-conscious women to have a worry-free manicure!

I am head over heels in love with SOPHi’s Fir Sure Nail Polish color. I had to get this one as it is perfect color for me as my favorite color is green. This color will carry me perfectly through the holidays and honestly I will wear this gorgeous color all year long. 

Now lets talk about SOPHi’s Prime + Shine + Seal System which is everything! This set is a MUST HAVE with SOPHi nail polishes. Since SOPHi does not contain harsh chemicals, it requires a few extra steps for durability. When worn according to application instructions, SOPHi will wear like traditional nail polish and you will enjoy gorgeous nails for a few weeks! I highly recommend this product as it truly makes the difference and I did paint them without and my nails were chipping within hours… but with this Prime + Shine + Seal System…. you will enjoy gorgeous nails for a week or two!

Last but not least are SOPHi’s Nail Polish Remover Sticks. These are perfect for using with nail polish remover to help remove your existing nail polish plus the points also work great for cuticle and nail care. They are just super handy to have on hand and they make removing and keeping your nails in perfect condition a breeze.

So what do you think of SOPHi by Piggy Paint and their fabulous and gorgeous lines of nail polishes, their Prime + Shine + Seal System and their Nail Polish Remover Sticks? Are you a health-conscious woman looking to enjoy worry-free manicures in the comfort of your own home? Well look no further than SOPHi by Piggy Paint. Their polishes are an advanced water-based formula that is virtually odorless, cruelty-free, & vegan! Finally a nail polish that leaves nails healthy and that doesn’t cause them to yellow or become brittle! Check them out today and visit them on social media too!


Deliciously Savvy received products and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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  • Amy D

    My 2 daughters absolutely love Piggy Paint, and it is the only nail polish I will use on them because of it is high quality and non-toxic. My youngest daughter sucks her thumb, so it is so important that I use an non-toxic nail polish on her. I could really use some nail polish for myself.

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