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Most of the world has been forced into staying at home as a way to mitigate the risks of covid-19 spreading. However, by this time you may be tired of just sipping countless bottles of wine at home, while some may miss those fancy cocktails they used to have at the hotel bar. Luckily there are ways of coping with the situation and getting creative by doing virtual dating and dining to reach the loved ones. Spice up this moment by creatively bringing a bar to your home and making some cocktails. So here are three easy cocktail recipes you can try to make the most of your virtual moments with friends and family. All revolve around basic ingredients right off your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator, something like citrus, frozen fruits, soda, and some liquors of course.     


If you’re looking for a simple cocktail with only three ingredients to make, consider to create the classic margarita. Simply blend together tequila, agave, lime, and ice as a refreshing stimulant during the upcoming summer. Moreover, if you prefer a sweeter version but don’t find any agave in the pantry, just add a bit of simple syrup. Don’t forget to salt the glass rim for final touch then prepare some mexican food for a perfect pairing.  


*2 oz of your favorite tequila

*1 oz of fresh lime juice

*¾ oz of agave 

*Ice cubes

*Salt and lime for garnish


Get your glassware and start rubbing the rim with lemon juice for the salt to stick into it. Slice a thin of lime wheels then make a small cut so you can attach it into the glass as a garnish. Now pour all the ingredients into a stainless shaker bottle, then shake-it-well. Once mixed, pour it into individual glass and you’re done!


Ice tea is one of favorite summer drinks for many and for a more intense flavor you can add one or two shots of liquor to the blend. This easy bourbon tea combines your pick of favorite tea blend concentrate, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bourbon into harmony. If possible, use limoncello as sweetener for extra spark. It is a sweet lemon liqueur that will make your drink taste fancier compared to other tea cocktails you’ve tried before. Don’t forget to serve it with ice.


1 ½ oz bourbon whiskey

*½ oz simple syrup or limoncello or other sweetener

*4 oz freshly brewed black tea (recommended brand: Keemun Black Tea)

*1/4 oz lemon juice


*Lemon wheel or wedge or zest for garnish


Add any liquor that you use (whiskey, limoncello) into the ice filled glass. Pour tea, lemon juice and be sure to garnish it with a fresh lemon wheel. Give it a perfect stir, then enjoy!


This summer staple made of aromatic rum, coconut cream, and pineapple will rock and refresh your mood as soon as it gets into your mouth. While sipping pina colada, your mind may fly and bring you to a poolside setting complete with those sunny vacation vibes. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t drink very often and it’s an easy cocktail to prepare which only takes two minutes!    


*2 oz white rum

*2 oz pineapple juice

*1/4 oz lime juice (optional)

*1 oz cream of coconut (recommended brand: Coco Lopez)

*1/3 cup of frozen pineapple chunks 

*1 cup crushed ice

*Pineapple wedge for garnish

*Red cherry for garnish


Simply put every ingredient (excluding the garnishes) into the blender, then blend until the mixture is smooth, and creamy. Pour into glass and garnish it with pineapple wedge and red cherry. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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