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Do You Make Music? Here’s a Savvy Way to Sell Songs Online – Gemtracks

Being a musician has always been one of those occupations that falls between an actual job and a hobby. As witnessed in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, artists have been one group of people most affected by the lockdown that have resulted in fewer to almost zero career opportunities.

However, things have changed after singer-songwriter, composer and producer, Jesse Neo, decided to move into the tech industry after having gained valuable experience from working as an artist.

The 23-year-old, originally from Australia, has been living in Los Angeles for the past three years working with several labels and media companies as a composer. Within those times, he has heard numerous stories of artists being unable to make a decent living.

“That’s why I decided to create my platform, Gemtracks,” Jesse stated. “It is pretty much a website that started out as a marketplace to buy and sell beats. Each beat can fetch up to $599 if you’re lucky.”

One reason due to the high profit margin is because each track can only be sold once. Once the track is sold, it will be removed from the website and the buyer automatically gets the copyright transferred to them.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Jesse explained. “The buyer – who are usually artists themselves – would mix their vocals into the beats and then put the final tracks onto music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Deezer. Instead of having to pay royalties to the original producer every time the song makes a sale, the artist simply pays a higher lump sum to the producer and then everything is set. The producer gets more money than they would usually be able from a commercial label, and the artist gets full control of their earnings.”

At the current moment, hundreds of producers have already signed up to Gemtracks. These include industry names like Milana Leybovich, I.Y.F.F.E, Beowülf and Taylor Carroll. The most popular genres are pop beatship hop beats and trap beats.

“Eventually I want Gemtracks to be a go-to platform for musicians to earn a living, collaborate with other musicians, and pretty much use it as a resource for everything music industry related,” the Australian continued. “In fact, I am happy to announce the introduction of two new sections: hire freelance singers and book recording studios.”

Other than acting as a marketplace and collaboration platform, Gemtracks also has a corner of its website catered to educating budding artists. These are to guide those that are interested in the music industry by providing them with free lessons via tutorials, articles, eBooks and videos. For example, there is an article on how to get a song into a Spotify curator’s playlist to inform readers how to reach out to potential millions of new fans. 

With technology changing everything, it is only wise to let it change the music industry too. We encourage our musician readers to check out Gemtracks..

To contact Jesse Neo, you can follow him on Instagram.

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