Delicious Bites

Cute and Simple Recipes to Feed Your Family 

No matter what kind of family you have or how old your kids are, feeding the whole household can sometimes be a challenge. You might have some picky eaters, or you might be a little bit bored of the recipes you’ve been making for years.  

Thankfully, there are many simple and fun meals to try. There really is something for everybody, no matter what your taste is. Here are just a few things you can make the next time you feel a little stumped. 


1. Classic Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese 

This classic vegan macaroni and cheese recipe it’s a great starting point for so many amazing meals. Serve it as a main or dish it out on the side to spice up one of your classic favorite meals. It’s healthier than regular mac ‘n’ cheese, and making it from scratch can be so rewarding. 

2. Dino Nugget Fruit and Veggie Kabobs 

You might be sick of dinosaur chicken nuggets by now. Even if the kids love them, there’s no rule that says you need to stick to the way you always serve them. Making kebabs is a great idea for spicing things up a little bit while you keep a favorite staple around. 

3. Stuffed Peppers 

Stuffed peppers are the perfect dish for so many occasions, especially when it comes to giving everybody their own little pocket that serves as both the dish and the food. This is also a great way to work in some veggies naturally. 

4. Mini Burgers 

You can call them sliders or mini burgers, but no matter what you call them, they’ll still be delicious. These are perfect for snack time, a light dinner or anything in between. Stack these up however you want with veggies and condiments. 

5. Ravioli Pops 

If you love ravioli and pasta, but you’re looking to try something new, why not give these pops a whirl? They have a unique quality that’s sure to get everybody’s attention. Serve them with marinara sauce on the side. 

6. Samosas 

If you love Indian food and want to try your hand at making some delicious pockets of goodness, try samosas. These tend to be a fan favorite and might even get your kids on board with other cuisines. These have just about everything you need, including veggies and potatoes. They can also make fantastic finger food — so if you’re looking for easy, cute recipes, these totally take the cake. 

7. Classic One-Pot 

Try this classic recipe if you feel like the one-pot dinner is right up your alley. Between the noodles, the tasty dried basil and the flavorful kidney beans, this single-pot masterpiece can be a great way to feed everybody easily. You can even let the kids help with whatever they can. 

8. Loaded Veggie Quiche 

You can serve this delicious dish at any time of day, even though a quiche is more of a breakfast food. Plus, this recipe is highly customizable, which means you can try various kinds before you settle on a favorite. Try out seasonal vegetables or spices to see what you like best. 

9. Vegetarian Meatballs 

Meatballs are great, but you can also lean into your vegetarian sensibilities and make veggie versions. These can go great with any pasta dish or even be served as an appetizer. It’s all up to you! You can even experiment with different vegetables every time you make them so they always turn out a little different. 

10. Lentil Soup 

Lentil soup is delicious, filling and versatile, and you can serve it with pretty much anything. Try it over rice, with fresh bread or over top of baked potatoes. The sky truly is the limit. Try this recipe in the fall or wintertime for a truly warm and comfortable meal. 

11. Baked Omelet Muffins 

Getting a little bit more breakfast-happy over here, these adorable mini omelet muffins are kind of the best-case scenario for plenty of situations. Whether you’re sitting down to breakfast, making apps or grabbing something to take on the go with you, this batch can be exactly what you’re looking for! You can even make extra and pop them in the freezer to save for later! 

12. Homemade Personal Pizzas 

This can be an especially great option for those nights where you simply need to make dinner for one or two kids and want something easy not only are these personal pizzas highly customizable, but they also have a certain charm that is enough to make everybody smile, kids and adults alike. 

Cute Recipes for the Family 

There are so many cute and simple recipes to serve at your next family dinner. Consider everyone’s tastes to make something truly delicious. Whether everyone is in the mood for vegan macaroni and cheese or you want to try a new dish like samosas, there are so many options that could become new favorites.