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Activewear that is fashionable and comfortable to wear will make you more enthusiastic about exercising. Agree? If you’re confused about looking for attire to work out, that means you might need a few pieces of activewear that can inspire and get you excited about exercising again. 

Stylish yoga suits and biker shorts are currently ruling the trend. The influencers we follow on social media even wear them as casual outfits, and they look fashionable. But apart from trendy designs, comfort, body support and functionality should also be your priority when buying activewear. 

Choosing activewear can sometimes be tricky. Uniting style, comfort and support in one product is like an impossibility. We often come across fashionable sports bras but some of the details feel uncomfortable when they hug our bodies. Of course, none of us wants to compromise on comfort, do we? Reading the problems that women often face, Cosmolle answered them with their latest activewear collection. 

Comfort, Support And Style In One Harmony 

Just like dresses, casual clothes, bags and accessories, activewear also experiences trend developments that change every year. Today is not the time to exercise in perfunctory jerseys and jogging pants, ladies. We need something more fashionable and versatile. Cosmolle answered that challenge by launching the latest styles of activewear sets, including biker pants, yoga sets, sports bras, daily wireless bras, and many more. 

Sports bras that go well with any bottom, wireless bras that you can wear as a stylish top, leggings that you can wear for hanging out, chic bike shorts that can be layered with a blazer, what else? You can find them all in Cosmolle’s activewear collection. 

Once You Put It On, You Won’t Want To Take It Off 


Cosmolle promise a balance between style and comfort, hence the high quality materials chosen to complement their flattering designs. Their bras, underwear and activewear tick all the boxes — breathable, smooth, sweat-wicking and quick dry. 

Breathable materials are essential in underwear and activewear products, especially those you normally wear every day. Good air circulation helps your skin breathe freely, prevents odors and reduces the risk of irritation. Aiming to be worn comfortably all day long, Cosmolle also adds permeable and quick dry features to their products. 

Full Support With 3D Printing Technology 


Great support is not only provided by underwire bras. At Cosmolle, you will get the best supportive bras, both underwire and wireless. It’s common for wireless bras to be comfortable but not supportive enough. Therefore, Cosmolle uses 3D Printing Technology to create cups with the right thickness to allow for perfect support when worn. This technology also provides smoother sides and invisible lines with no seams to prevent bra bulges and an unflattering look on your clothes. 

A Light And Stretchy Fabric That Follows Your Every Move 


One of the important things when buying activewear is choosing lightweight and flexible materials. When wearing a long sleeve legging set that hugs your body like a second skin and follows your every move smoothly, you know you’ve got the best one, and it’s from Cosmolle. 

Even though Cosmolle use a fabric that is 40% lighter than other fabrics, its density is high so it stays durable and comfortable for various workouts, yoga, the gym or just running around. And of course, look classy as your sporty casual outfit when hanging out or going shopping! 

Skin-Loving Yarns That Love You Back 

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

When you shape your ideal body by exercising, trust your skin health to your underwear and activewear. Can you? 

Of course, this is only possible with Cosmolle’s Collagen-Infused Technology. The collagen material in underwear and activewear is obtained from fish scales which are processed using safe recycling technology to produce luxurious fabrics. Collagen itself is useful for maintaining healthy and youthful skin, making it smooth, elastic and moisturized all day long. 

Cosmolle has proven to us that sprinkling comfort, support and style into activewear and underwear is possible. We no longer need to sacrifice one or the other to look and feel better, if we can have all of them, why not. Wonderful!