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Choosing the Best Electric Bikes in Canada

Electric Bikes (E-bikes) are a popular growing transportation trend as all Class 1 E-bikes are not required to be registered or need any licensing in Canada.  There are three main types, Urban Electric bikesFolding Electric Bikes and Mountain Electric bikes.  One of the keys to deciding which E-bike to purchase is where the E-Bike will be used.  Other considerations are what type of E-bike motor it has, petal-generated motors are better for steep inclines but generate more noise. Wheel motors are quieter but do not have sensors to know if extra assistance is needed.  Batteries are another important consideration.  Lithium batteries recharge quicker and hold a longer charge but E-bikeswith this type of option are more expensive.  

Types of E-Bikes

All E-bikes still need to be pedaled and are not Electric Motorcycles.  Urban E-bikes are considered the best for road only commutes.  Making sure the E-bike is a comfortable ride and seat is important.  Some E-Bike brands such the City E-bikeare considered more comfortable for larger distances.  This E-bike has a 48 V 13A battery for the 500W motor for a 60 to 100 km range, weighs 22 kg and has an 8 hour recharging time.   The Bounder E-bike brand is a larger frame E-bike that is an all terrain and city E-bike. It has a 48V 10A battery for the 500W motor with an 8 hour charging time with a 60 to 100 km range.  

Folding E-bikes are for commuters that need to cycle to the train or bus station, carry the E-bike on board, and then cycle to their destination.  These E-bikes are also lighter so if weight lifting is a consideration, such as putting the E-bike into a Car for commuting or trips this is a better option.  Folding E-bikes arealso a convenient option for commuting to work as they can be folded and put away at work.  

Brands like the Aspen Folding E-bikes are for multiple terrains and can be put in the car or folded away for storage.  It comes with a 48V 13A Samsung battery or 48 V 21A Samsung batteries for more power and takes 6 hours to recharge the 500W motor. This E-bike also has a 5 level petal assistance throttle, which is more than the 3 or 4 levels offered by other brands of E-bikes.  It has a top speed of 32 km and weighs 23 kg and has a back rack for storage and has 120 kg load capacity.      

The Comfort Plus E-bike brand is also a foldable E-bike but it is designed for hills and heavier loads.  This E-bike weights 18 kg and has a 60 to 70 km travel range with the 36V 13A 500W motor. It also has a 6 hour charging time.  The Touring E-bikebrand is for a heavier built commuter and for steep traveling conditions.  This is E-bike is still foldable with a 48V 13A battery for the 500W motor and has a range between 60 to 120 km.  

Slane E-bikes have two Mountain E-bikesthe Ajax, which is fat tire mountain E-bike with a 48V 11 Ah Battery for the 500W motor and a thumb style three level power pedal assistance throttle.  This E-bike weighs 60 lbs.  The Santiago Fat tire E-bike has a five level power pedal assist with a thumb style throttle. The battery is 48V 12 Ah for the 500W motor.  This E-bike also weighs 60 lbs.

The Review of the Best 10 E-bikes available in Canada number one E-bike is the Moscow Electric Bike available on Amazon.  It has a 48 V 13A Lithium-Ion battery for the 500W motor and has 6 levels of power pedal assistance with a range of 75 miles.   This E-bike also has a USB port to charge devices.    

How to Ride an E-bike Safely

E-bike helmets are an important safety feature.  Wavegel® which is a collapsible cell structure and MIPS® (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) are two types of Bontrage® brand E-bike helmets safety features.  This brand offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a crash impact withinone-year replacement. 

Some other tips on E-bike safety tips include starting out small when riding an E-bike to get use to how the E-bike reactsBraking needs to be done sooner than is needed with a regular bike to allow adequate time for the E-bike to stop.  The disc brakes make stopping easier with gentle pressure on the two brake levers.  Extra care is needed as well as E-bikes look like regular bikes so the speed, up to 32 km an hour, may be misjudged by other road travelers.  Knowing the rules for the road or trail you are traveling is also important for safety.  

Knowing the E-bike route is also a safety precaution.  The site Bike Map is also available as an app and has special sections for Road bikes, Mountain bikes and for City Routes.  For those touring E-bike cycling trips both City and Bike Path maps access is an important safety procedure to keep from getting lost.Meeting other E-bike users can provide safety in numbers and a nice way to socialize.  Special touring trips a couple hours in the evening and weekends for E-bikes are also an option.  

E-bike Maintenance

E-bikes require maintenance the same as a regular bike. There are many E-bike Smart Phone apps that can help with this maintenance.   Another long term consideration when deciding which E-bike to get is how readily available are the Replacement E-bike batteries.  Where to get replacement E-bike parts is another important factor needed to keep the E-bike maintained.

The E-bike gives a broader range of distance that can be travelled with less effort.  There is an E-bike for City cyclingCommuting Cycling and off-road Mountain Cycling.  Extra safety precautions are needed more for the other road travelers who are expecting the speed of a regular bicycle.  Knowing the cycle route, being seen and wearing an appropriate safety helmet for safety makes the journey more enjoyable and safer.

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