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Cheap Ways To Have Fun When On A Budget

I am not sure about you, but in this economy I am always looking for creative ways to save in this high inflation environment. It is near impossible to save in these trying times which is why I have been eliminating unnecessary expenses and also using a savings calculator like those at The unnecessary expenses I am talking about are coffees from Starbucks, eating out for lunch, excess streaming channels that I do not need and even paying to go bowling and more. Right now I want to share some cheap activities that you can do, some are free and some are cheap to do, and below I will share them all with you! Let ‘s take a look…

Go Hiking

One of my favorite free things do is to go hiking. We have a home in Pennsylvania and we have hiking trails and waterfalls galore in the area that we live and that provides us with lots of beautiful places to hike. Hiking is a fabulous way to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful sites and nature itself. You can look all around your local area to find the perfect hiking destination and then pack a lunch and lots of  water to take with.

Go Bike Riding

If you love to ride a bike like myself, then a ride through your neighborhood and/or the nearest trails or parks in your area is a great way to have some fun and not only is it fun but it is also good exercise for you. You can check your local government sites to find a list of places to explore with your bike and this is the perfect way to explore your community and area. if you don’t have a bike, this is a worthy expense and your best bet is to check online sites, like the Facebook Marketplace for used models that you can purchase for next to nothing.

Find Local Community Events

Here where we live, our county has lots of free local events held throughout the year and this is the perfect way to have some cheap fun. Cities and local organizations produce lists of upcoming fun events. Think movie nights, art festivals and community celebrations. The cost of these events are sometimes free and other times typically low prices, especially for the kiddos and this can provide you hours of fun.

Go Camping In The Woods

Camping is a fairly inexpensive to have a blast especially if you already have a tent on hand like I do. This is perfect for those that love adventure and simply grab your tent, a friend or two and hit the woods at your local camping site. There are also budget-friendly camping trips that you can be a part of too… just do your research to find one near you so that here is not a lot of driving involved.

Shop At A Flea Market Or Thrift Shop

This is one that I love to do and honestly even if I do not find anything to purchase at a local flea market or thrift shop… just walking around and browsing can be a lot of fun. With that said… I can alway find an amazing find at a good thrift store and that is a satisfying feeling for sure.

Go to a Museum, Zoo or Aquarium

This is one of my favorite things to do on a budget. Many Museums, Aquariums and Zoos waive admission fees on certain days of the week, so visit their sites and find those free days as any of these are a fabulous ways to spend your time, I love a good museum and getting in for free is a win win. Also, some banks offer deals on entry.. a good example is Bank of America and their “Museum on Us” program which offers free general admission to over 200+ participating locations nationwide on the first full weekend of every month. I love this program and have used it and it is totally free!

Family Game Night

If you have kids, or if you are a kid at heart, playing board games and hosting a Family Game Night is a fun way to pass the time and it is totally free. You can pop some popcorn, make other treats at home as well as drinks to enjoy while playing game after game. We have a huge collection of board games so Family Game Night can go on and on and on and it is always a blast!

Netflix Marathon

If you have a streaming service of any kind, like Netflix, you can have binge day. Pop some popcorn, make some drinks and whip out some goodies like candy and more for the ultimate in binge watching. There are lots of shows on the various streaming channels and you can binge watch any that you choose and make a day of it.

Visit Your Local Library

My local library is beautiful and there is so much to do there. I can spend hours looking at books and more. Also, many libraries have DVD’s, books & more that you can check out totally free of charge to take home after your visit. For me there is nothing better than reading a good book or watching a good movie so make sure to add this one to you list.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Enjoying the great outdoors is a great way to spend your time. You can look at nearby nature scenery that is totally free and there is nothing better that I love than enjoying nature and all that it has to offer. Just a few things that you can do…. walking along the beach, playing at a local park with the kiddos, Stargazing at night, spending time in a secluded national forest or logging trail and you can even set up picnic or movie night in your backyard!

So what do you think of these 10 cheap ways to have fun?! These are just a few of them and the biggest thing I can say is to do your research online to find all that your community has to offer. In the fall… I love to take my kids out to Eastern Long Island to visit the Corn Mazes and just to walk around and explore the pumpkin patches.  Heck I even visited the local wineries for a free day of tasting on the East End and that was a blast too! It all depends on what you have going on in your local area so sit down, do research of your area online and add them to this list!

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