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Celebrate The Season of Renewal & Hope with #NOVICA ~ HandMade Items From Artisans From Around the World! #worldartisanday #handmade4life

I am super excited to share some beautiful handmade pieces that I received from NOVICA which is an online marketplace for beautiful handmade creations brought to you from artists from around the globe. This is something that I absolutely love as I have always loved collecting beautiful pieces whenever I travel that I can use to decorate my home or office space or to wear or use throughout my home. They carry everything that you can think of… from handmade one of a kind pieces of jewelry, to hand blown glasses, area rugs, wall art, dishes, lamps, lighting, sculpture, vases, clothing and so much more. Seriously… they have everything that you can need for yourself and your home and they are the perfect gifting destination as your recipient will cherish a gift unlike any other. I am thinking of definitely picking up something special for my mom from NOVICA as this is her kind of shop.


NOVICA is the worlds largest impact marketplace and was started with a dream to create a better world for artisans, because a better world for artisans is a better world for all. Their mission is to spread happiness and love is at the core of everything that they do. NOVICA finds the most talented artists from around the world and they work with these amazing artists to improve lives and uplift communities through the creation of amazing art. NOVICA cuts out the middlemen and brings the artisans and customers together which is something that I love and that makes the amazing pieces I receive even more valuable to me. The best part is that my purchase helps artisans support their families, uplift communities and overcome adversity as your purchase at NOVICA is that powerful. Every purchase directly and indirectly provides for education, help with health care, funds basic needs, supports children, preserves disappearing arts, and of course spreads happiness and beauty around the world.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful pieces I picked up from NOVICA and why I am seriously loving each of them.

“Golden Flowers” ~ Gold-Tone Floral Reverse Painted Glass Tray from Peru

NOVICA Golden Flowers Tray

I am blown away with this gorgeous piece! We just bought a new home so when I had the chance to work with NOVICA I knew that I wanted to pick up a few pieces to use throughout my new space. This Golden Flowers ~ Reverse Painted Glass Tray is everything and I would have expected to pay much more fo the beautiful piece.

NOVICA Golden Flowers Haind Painted Reverse Glass Tray

 Working in the colonial tradition of reverse painted glass, Peruvian artisan Floral Polo proudly presents this regal tray. It is crafted of wood with gold-tone paint and its bottom is decorated by a glass panel with hand-painted gold-tone floral motifs. This beauty is my absolute favorite thing ever and it comes with a NOVICA card detailing some info on the artist Floral Polo and a bit about the piece itself. It is exquisite and I just love it and will cherish it for years and years to come. Make sure to check out the video showcasing this beautiful artwork!

*3.5 lbs

*2.4″ H x 17.75″ W x 11.75″ D

*Glass, MDF

*Hand-crafted item — color, size and/or motif may vary slightly

*Made in Peru.

*Certified and shipped by the NOVICA office in Andes

Take a look at this video which showcases the art of reverse painted glass:

“Confetti Festival” ~ Set of 6 Multicolor Hand Blown Glass Highball Glasses

NOVICA Confetti Festival Hand Blown Glasses

I have to say these Confetti Festival glasses are everything and so beautifully made that I will be placing these on some gorgeous wood shelves in my kitchen that my husband will be installing. This way everyone can see them when in the kitchen and they will be on display as they are that pretty and true works of art.

NOVICA Confetti Festival Hand Blown Glasses

The Confetti Festival Multicolor Hand Blown Glass Highball Glasses are a part of the NOVICA handblown collection and they are highball glasses that feature colorful accents in bright confetti colors. You receive a set of six and they are crafted by master artisans. The cool thing about these glasses is that each one is a one of a kind masterpiece due to the fact that each is handmade. You will find slight variations in the shape and size of the glasses and each one is an amazingly unique example of blown-glass craftsmanship. The tiny bubbles within the surface attest to each pieces authenticity and just make them that much more spectacular..

*Blown recycled glass

*This hand blown item may vary slightly in color, size and shape

*Dishwasher: use top rack only. Hand wash recommended.

*Promotes recycling and reduces waste

*Made in Mexico.

*Certified and shipped by the NOVICA office in Mexico


So what do you think of NOVICA and their fabulous pieces from around the world that are supporting artisans and their communities?!? Are you loving them as much as I do? Definitely check them out as you can clothe yourself, dress up your home and so much more with everything that NOVICA has to offer. Check out NOVICA today and visit them on social media too! And remember Mom this Mother’s Days as I highly recommend NOVICA for mom this year as she will love anything and everything from their beautiful line of hand made pieces & gifts.



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