Can’t Afford To Take Time Off Work?

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If you’re not working, you’re not earning. But what if your health (or other people’s health) is at risk?

With coronavirus currently infecting the world, more people are having to take time off work to look after their health and prevent the spread of the disease. Not all companies are able to offer sick leave and those that are may only be able to offer a small amount. Fortunately, there are other ways to financially cope.

Discuss options with your employer

Your employer may not ordinarily offer sick pay, but may be willing to offer some support on this occasion. They may not offer this support to you, so be prepared to ask. Another option might be to work from home if your job can be done from home. This could allow you to still earn money without having to mix with people (if you’re ill, just be certain that you are able to still work and that you’re not too drained).

Look into government support

As part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, the government is offering paid leave to those with coronavirus, those caring for a family member with coronavirus and those caring for kids while school is closed. This could be worth looking into if your company is unable to pay you sick pay. Paid sick leave is not available for everyone – for instance, if your company has over 500 employees, it is expected that your company pays you sick leave.

Negotiate your bill payments

By calling up your creditors, it is possible that you may be able to freeze or temporarily reduce your bills. Many mortgage lenders are freezing payments or getting rid of interest. Utility bill providers are meanwhile reducing rates for many customers and extending payment dates. Whatever you do, don’t stop paying your bills without contracting your providers first – if you choose to miss payments with no prior warning, providers may still expect you to make those payments and you could still be charged late payment interest.

Look into legal compensation

If you’ve been made ill as a result of someone else’s negligence, it’s possible that you may be able to claim compensation. By hiring a covid-19 lawyer, you can help to file such a claim. This could give you some money to live on while you’re not working.  

Be frugal

You may be able to make other cutbacks to help your financially cope. As a result of lockdown, there may be things that you cannot do such as dining out and impulse buying when shopping – this could help you to save some money. However, there may be other ways of cutting back too such as eating less takeout meals and using your car less often so that you’re not using as much fuel. Frugal living isn’t fun – however you should remind yourself that it’s only temporary.

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