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Canine Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Seeing a happy dog live a long, healthy life is one of the greatest pleasures for an animal-lover. The food that they eat is a big part of this.

So, what are a few of the most important tips you should be aware of?

A Fresh, Natural Diet

Many people assume that the only option for their furry friend is the dry food that comes in sealed packets. This approach gives you greater convenience perhaps, but it isn’t the only way of keeping him well-fed.

A fresh, natural diet is also fantastic for dogs. This is especially recommended for those pets that have allergies, skin problems, or some other condition that processed food might make worse. However, any dog can enjoy a fresh menu.

If we look at the example of the Spot & Tango products then we see ingredients like turkey, beef, and lamb, together with fresh vegetables. You can visit website information from Spot & Tango food delivery service to see how this can be just as easy for you to provide for him as dry food is.

Just like humans, canines need to get the right mixture of nutrients. At the top of the list is meat, which is hugely important for dogs. They also need carbohydrates, fats and vitamins in their diet. This is why many people choose to purchase their food rather than cook it, as getting the balance right can seem daunting.

Give Him the Right Amount

Choosing the perfect amount of food for your beloved dog can be difficult. Some dogs will continually beg for more and it can be heart-breaking to see him looking hungry. The best approach is to get him used to the right portion size from when he is a puppy, and don’t get him into the habit of expecting to receive human food.

Giving him too much food might seem like a nice thing to do, but it is bad for his health in the long-term. Overweight dogs can suffer from heart problems, bone issues, and even cancer. All of this means that eating too much food can shorten his life.

How do you know how much food you should be giving your four-legged buddy? You could start by looking up an online chart. This will allow you to get started on finding the right amount, based on his size and weight.

However, to get a more specific answer, you should take your dog along to a vet. They will weigh him carefully and take into account his current physical condition as well as his lifestyle. After that, it is a question of being firm and not giving in to the temptation of giving him more food than is good for him. 

Know What to Avoid

As well as knowing what your dog should eat, you also be aware of the things he has to avoid. One important point is around chocolate. Some people think this would be a nice treat for a pooch, but it contains elements that turn it into a type of poison to them.

Onion and garlic can also do him harm if he eats them. Macadamia nuts are toxic for dogs, affecting their limbs and muscles. Avocado and grapes are a couple of other types of food you might not be aware are dangerous for your pet. 

Cooked bones are to be avoided too, as they can easily splinter into sharp pieces. Any bone that you give to your dog should be raw. Stick to these pieces of advice and you will have a happy, healthy pooch who enjoys his food in the best possible way.

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