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Big Results on a Small Budget in the Bathroom

Are you looking for ways to renovate your bathroom? Here are some ideas that cost less but cause a visible change in no time.

Transforming the look of your bathroom is simpler than you think. Here are some low budget transformations that can visibly alter the aesthetics of your bathroom-

Minor Hardware Changes

There are some tiny details in the bathroom than can be replaced with a tight budget, still making a huge difference. Toilet seats, for example, become dull and discolored after several years or even months, depending on the quality. Adding new toilet seats or even switching colors, can cause a significant change. Shower curtains might be the most visible and yet the most ignored detail in any bathroom. Discard that old shower curtain and install a new one, something that is peppy and bright. You can also choose those that come with organization pockets built into them for adding a functional touch. Taps and faucets, as well as showerheads, can all trap water stains or even lose their sheen over time. Getting taps and faucets that complement the design of your bathroom may be one of the most important things that you need to think about when giving the room a makeover. However, what is more important is that all of the plumbing issues have been handled with great care before installing these final touches, as it would be pointless getting these beautiful things if they could become subject to water stains, or worse issues. That’s why you may want to think about looking for a professional plumber from Minchinbury, or one that is local to you, before making any final decisions about the types of things that you want to add into your new bathroom. It would be better to get professional advice at the start of your renovations instead of having issues near the completion. There are many other things that you can do to protect the look of these new objects. Choose affordable brands in bathroom plumbing hardware to give a shimmery makeover to the bathroom.

Let There be Light

Even the best-dressed bathroom looks dull and lifeless if the lighting is not proper. You can swap the existing lamp for a brighter one if you wish to work on the lighting aspect. One other way to do it is to choose a fancy light fixture such as these bathroom chandeliers for example. This would help add to the brightness while also adding an exciting accent to the bathroom. You can even add water-resistant string lights or LED strip lighting around cabinets, vanity or the mirror to add some drama.

Add Some Extra Storage

This can be in the form of a new shelf installation or even by hanging a shower caddy or a wall shelf. These are minor upgrades that you can do in a matter of hours. You can use an old wooden crate or a rustic ladder to add a twist to the design. Such recycled elements in the décor are in trend.

Mirrors that Suit Your Bathroom

The mirror that you look into every morning can make a massive difference in the looks of the bathroom. You can renovate a bathroom by installing a bigger mirror or even getting your old one framed.

Change the Color Scheme

You would be able to easily change the color scheme in your bathroom without altering the significant details like tiles, cabinets, or wall paint. Bath mats and shower curtains can all be color coordinated or even themed based on the patterns. You can use open shelving and display towels and other bathroom linens of the same color for complementing this effect.

Add Some Green

Adding plants to the bathroom is a functionally beneficial way to beautify the bathroom. Plants can help purify the air inside the bathroom and also keep the bathroom feeling fresh and clean. You can choose planters that synchronize with the intended color scheme.

One Significant Alteration that Falls Within Budget

If you can extend your budget slightly, then you can choose to make one significant change instead of making many small alterations. For example, getting a new toilet or choosing a stylish washbasin can noticeably alter the looks and make your bathroom as good as new. It doesn’t just have to end there though, if you find that you want to spend all your budget on one thing in particular (and you can afford it), then that’s where your budget should go. So if you decide that you want something like these luxury walk in showers in your bathroom, then that is what you should get. You need to love your bathroom, since you’ll be using it every day. So why not splurge a little, without killing your budget though. You never know it might be the best decision you ever make!

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